Bitters Scrappy's Bitters - Chocolate - 15cl

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Organic roasted bitter cacao beans and bittering ingredients are the only things at play here, and all the better for it. A pure cocoa experience.   Read the whole description

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This Chocolate Bitter earns its pleasant chocolate flavor from the roasted cacao beans, that is pleasant and not too strong on the palate. A fine vanilla aroma accompanies the experience. The aftertaste develops a deep, wooden cacao flavor thanks to the herbs involved.

Thanks to the herbs and spices used in this chocolate bitter, the flavor experience is relatively complex.

Scrappy himself offers interesting recipes that use his Chocolate Bitters, for example the Black Manhattan or the Pancho and Lefty.

If you're looking for inspiring cocktail recipes, check out our recipes section.

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    Scrappy's Bitters
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    United States
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    Plastic cap
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