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Celery bitters are fundamentally very special products.

In total contrast to Angostura, celery bitters are no universally usable spice it would certainly ruin a number of concoctions. But used with caution for example in Bloody Marys, aquavit, gin, martini and other spirits with a vegetable character (see cocktail with The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters) it works wonders!

Indeed, the exclusivity of ways of using celery bitters has contributed to the especially slow rediscovery of bitters with a celery taste, after they disappeared from the market during Prohibition (see the History of Bitters).

The breakthrough came only in 2008, when the Bitter Truth released their Original Celery Bitters and immediately after won the prize of Spirit of the Year in Germany.

This unusual member of the bitter family with 44% ABV tastes very complex and not especially bitter. In addition, it is significantly hot (spicy), and shows signs not just of celery but also notes of ginger, orange peels, and lemon grass.

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    390,00 g
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  • Alcohol Content :
    44% vol
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    The Bitter Truth GmbH, Wolfratshauserstr. 21e, 82049 Pullach im Isartal, DE
  • Usage :
    Add a few drops to a cocktail or mixed drink.
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  • City / Region :
    Pullach im Isartal
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    Cocktail Bitters

The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth, often TBT for short, was more significant in leading the rediscovery of cocktails bitter than almost any other company. It was in the summer of 2006 when Stephen Berg and Alexander Hauck decided to do something against the misery of the cocktail industry, which for them meant a lack of good bitters in the first instance.

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