Bitters The Bitter Truth - Orange Bitters - 20cl

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This bitter tastes fruity at the beginning, and the sweetness hints at the flavor of a bitter orange. The background soon mixes in a typical bitter flavor and various spices, like cardamom, cumin and nutmeg.

The team Berg & Hauck have proposed a few interesting cocktails themselves that use their Orange Bitters, for example the Rob Roy or the Atlantic Coast Cocktail (see The Bitter Truth's homepage).

If you're looking for cocktail that use these chocolate bitters, visit our cocktail page.

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The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth, often TBT for short, was more significant in leading the rediscovery of cocktails bitter than almost any other company. It was in the summer of 2006 when Stephen Berg and Alexander Hauck decided to do something against the misery of the cocktail industry, which for them meant a lack of good bitters in the first instance.

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