Black Forest Gin

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Gin Rubus Gin - 50cl

Germany / 42%
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A berry gin produced by Florian Faude in one of the sunniest regions in Germany.

Actually, Rubus Gin was developed for barkeepers. On, you can buy this gin exclusively for your own home bar!Regional ingredients from the Kaiserstuhl area (a region in Southern Germany) and citrus fruits from Sicily are the key components of Rubus ...

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Gin Drysam Gin - 50cl

Germany / 45%

A gin made in Freiburg, Germany, with notes of coffee beans and lemon.

Drysam Gin is distilled in the heart of Freiburg im Breisgau, a tourist city in the very south of Germany. The city and region is renowned for its excellent wines and fruit brandies. Therefore, the base alcohol for the Drysam Gin is made of local grapes!

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The German Maidli Gin Blend 01 is characterized by juniper and lemon peel.

This Black Forest Gin is a medley of classic juniper characteristics as well as a refreshing hint of lemon peel. Among those two botanicals, you will find coriander, salvia, thyme and rosemary rounding up this recipe. The Maidli Gin Blend 1 can be enjo ...

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The German Maidli Gin Blend 02 is made with local blossoms and herbs from the so...

This Black Forest Gin “Maidli Bend 2” is classified as a New Western Gin: very smooth, mild and floral. Maidli 2 leaves the focus on juniper behind, and showcases elderberry flowers, rose petals, celery and rhubarb. The distillers managed to crea ...

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Maidli Gin Blend 3 is the most herbal and spicy Gin of the Maidli Black Forest G...

This Black Forest Gin “Maidli Bend 3” is classified as a New Western Gin: low on juniper, emphasis on other botanicals. This very herbal recipe that includes cubeb pepper, lime peel and rosemary. Due to its powerful mix of herbs, ...

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A gin made in the Black Forest of Germany using 65 botanicals. This gin is a ble...

Blackforest Wild Gin – we have not seen a gin that consists of that many ingredients. A stunning number of 65 botanicals used to create this very smooth and refreshing distillate. The second thing that makes thin gin very unique and sp ...

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