Book Absinthe – Die Grüne Fee in der Küche

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Cooking with absinthe.

An absinthe cookery book that contains more than 50 different recipes that are refined with absinthe. Translated into English, the title is “The green fairy in the kitchen” (German: Die Grüne Fee in der Küche).

You'll find recipes for cocktails, hearty dishes, deserts, sauces and butter mixtures. The scope ranges from sliced veal with the green fairy (Kalbsgeschnetzeltem mit der Grünen Fee), a quiche with potatoes and absinthe (Kartoffelquiche mit Absinthe) to cupcakes or a butter sauce with absinthe.

The book doesn't recommend any particular absinthe for the individual recipes: you can use your favorite absinthe. We recommend using a clear absinthe for the deserts and a green one for the hearty dishes.

Along with the recipes, the book provides an insight into the history of absinthe.

The author Margaretha Junker is a trained chef and author of recipes. The photographs were taken by Clara Tuma, a food photographer.

This book is only available in German.
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