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10 authors have contributed 10 short stories to the book The kiss of the green fairy (in german: Der Kuss der Grünen Fee). In some of the stories, absinthe plays a major role, whereas in others it is only mentioned in passing.

Among the authors are Marie Reiners, Kathin Lange and Peter Hoeft. They are all presented in more detail at the end of the book. The publisher Ulrike Biefert is a film and television actor, as well as a screenwriter. Since 2006, she has turned her hand to prose.

The book combines historical facts with fictional experiencess. At the end of each story, the reader learns if the story is based on historical facts or if it is purely fictional.

Most of the stories take place in the time of the Belle Epoque, when absinthe was one of the most popular drinks. One of the short stories is entitled "The Ear" (German: Das Ohr) and refers to the situation when Vincent Van Gogh lost his ear. Another story mentions the development of the absinthe recipe and its primary use.

This book is only available in German.
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