Book Pontarlier Anis - Un siècle d'histoire de la Distillerie Guy

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A fascinating book about the history of the Guy Distillery and absinthe in Pontarlier.   Read the whole description

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    Pierre Dornier and Philippe del Fiol
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This book gives not only an insight into the family history of the Guy Distillery, it also recounts the history of absinthe in Pontarlier.

For more than 4 generations, the Guy Distillery has produced its own absinthe in Pontarlier. Even after the absinthe prohibition in 1915, the distillery managed to remain open and reach new heights of success by innovating, creating Pontarlier Anis, a new anise aperitif to replace absinthe. The distillery's range of products includes the famous François Guy Absinthe, the Pontarlier Anis, as well as the delicious Absinthe and Sapin liqueurs.

The Distillery has been given the label patrimoine vivant – literally "living heritage", referring to companies that are the living embodiment of French quality, and keep traditions and historic techniques alive.

Alongside the history of the distillery and its products, the last chapter features some mouth-watering recipe and cocktail recipes featuring spirits from the Guy Distillery.

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