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Absinthe Blanche Neige - 50cl

Switzerland / 53%
(26 Reviews)

Blanche Neige is a Swiss La Bleue, a project by! It was awarded Go...

Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014. The fairest absinthe of them all... Our aim is always to share with you the finest of spirits. We've taken this dedication a step further by developing our own r ...

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The barrel aged edition of our own Absinthe Gustave.

Absinthe Gustave is back, and even more refined than before.This version of Gustave has had its ageing finished in an oak barrel. The aim was not to make an intensely oaked spirit like cognac or whisky, but merely to provide a finishing touch, to ...

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The essential guide to the wine of the French Jura region. With foreword by w...

'Jura Wine is written lovingly, and is a significant literary homage to one of my passions... I did not join Wink [on her travels] but this book does the trick – I feel as if I am there, at her side in the Jura.' Raymond ...

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Absinthe Gustave 72% - 70cl

France / 72%
(17 Reviews)

Absinthe Gustave harks back to absinthe's origins as a herbal elixir. Based on a...

If you are looking for an absinthe that is even more refined and creamy, we recommend Absinthe Gustave barrel-aged. This version of Gustave has had its ageing finished i ...

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