Calvados Adrien Camut - Calvados Réserve d'Adrien - 1.5L

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A blend of 30 to 40 years old Calvados.

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This blend is a rich and complex flavour spirit, with a long lasting finish. The Réserve d'Adrien has all the features that only high quality Calvados have.

Fragrance: Rich apple aromas with slightly spicy notes

Taste: Caramelised apples, generally a very mild taste

Final: Leisurely wraps your mouth and leaves caramel and clove notes

Adrien Camut

In La Lande Saint Leger, a part of the Pays d'Âuge wine-growing territory Domaine de Semainville, you can find the wine estate of the renowned Calvados producer Adrien Camut. Founded at the beginning of the nineteenth century by Adrien Camut, the producer is now run by his nephews Jean-Gabriel and Emmanuel.

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