Calvados is a traditional brandy obtained from Cidre der Normandie (French cider) and is a classic digestif. If armagnac and cognac were brothers, calvados would be their posh cousin.

It ages in oak barrels just like its relatives, and is obtained either by a single distillation (like armagnac), or by repeated distillation (like cognac). The smooth and soft taste of particularly old types of calvados reminds of cognac. However, younger types of calvados are characterized by a bittersweet, fruity taste, which is simply unique amongst all spirits of their kind.
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This 6 year old Calvados, aged in large casks, is an unusually rich and yet h...

This 6 year old Calvados, aged in large casks, is an unusually rich and yet harmonious distilled cider. It is golden yellow with 43% ABV, tastes fresh and very fruity, tends towards green apples, but not too agressively and also shows a light tone of wood in the p ...

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This Calvados is collectively very voluminous and spicy, with a very long fin...

This privileged Calvados, amber-colored at 43% ABV, has adopted a completely different aroma and structure when compared with its younger brothers. After aging for 18 years in casks, intense aromas of plums are to be found – as well as rhubarb pie, quince je ...

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Fresh apple aromas are kept by a relatively rapid aging in large casks.

Très Pomme tastes, like the name suggests, very strongly of apples. This young Calvados Pays d'Âuge ages barely longer than 2 years in large oak casks, where the elixir has less contact to wood than in small casks. That's how the aromas of fresh apple ...

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After 5 years of aging, this Calvados has been refined, losing its rougher young...

This cider brandy is straw golden, and the 5 years of aging in oak casks let the fine pear aroma shine, and the 5 years are already sufficient for the brandy to forfeit its young forcefulness.The fruit is accompanied nicely by floral notes, with a dapper finish.

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Aged for 12 years in casks, this Calvados is somewhat lighter and spicier.

Aged for 12 years in casks, this Calvados is somewhat lighter and spicier. Aromas of baked apple and apple pie in the nose and on the gums – yummy! – meet the freshness of the fruit and the ripe aged tone of this Calvados in perfect balance. At ...

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Inspired by his success, Christian Junior bought an old horse stable in 1990,...

Christian Drouin has only been producing this X.O. Calvados for a little while, but he could have bet on pocketing a gold medal with it. The youngest cider brandies that go into this gold-colored blend are then aged for 8 years in small, oak casks in the Drouin cellars.

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A blend of various cider brandies, all aged at least 6 years. Aromas of apple pi...

This V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale) is a blend of different cider brandies aged at least 6 years or longer in small, old wine casks. The bouquet begins by showing hints of sweet cider, grilled apple and baked goods with ginger, vanilla and cinnamon; then emerge traces o ...

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A blend of different distilled ciders, all at least aged for 4 years.

Christian Drouin's Réserve de Fiefs is a blended Calvados of different distilled ciders, all at least 4 years old. During this aging process a nuance of wood shows its presence, but the fruit still dominates the taste on the palate, with honey and blooming flowers ...

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10 years old, with a full flavour and lent a touch of tannin from its oak-cask a...

The 10 year-old Calvados Domfrontais, aged in oak casks from the house of Lemorton, is a light golden yellow. You will see and clearly taste that it is the older brother of the 5 year-old version: the bouquet is more voluminous and at 40% ABV the Calvados has a fuller fla ...

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After about 15 years of aging in small, old wine casks made of oak, the Calvados...

After about 15 years of aging in small, old wine casks made of oak, the Calvados Pays d'Âuge develops its unique potency and takes on its glistening amber color. After you serve it in a snifter glass, it's worthwhile to let it breathe for awhile and enjoy the shift ...

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A complex and spicy calvados with sweet aromas of nuts and caramel.

First the cider ages for eleven months in oak barrels and is then distilled in Lemorton´s own alembic still. The destillate is then poured into casks around 30 years old.

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Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton in 1999.

The Lemorton Calvados is made with a high share of pears and only 30% of apples.This vintage from 1999 is very complex and has a refreshing note of apples and citrus fruits.

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A very complex 1980 Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton.

Lemorton Calvados is made with a 70% share of pears, which are picked as soon as they are fully ripe.This vintage Calvados was distilled in 1980 and stored in a barrel since then. It was bottled at an age of 36 years.The aromas reveal preserved pear, ...

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This Calvados is a blend of 25 to 30 years old vint...

This blend of mature vintages is finely balanced and complex, a unique taste experience! It has a rich bouquet and the taste is slightly adorable.  

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A Calvados aged in Pommeau casks.

Calvados Fût de Pommeau 6 ans is part of the “Calvados Expresssions” range from Christian Drouin. After more than 4 years of aging in used oak casks, it rested another 21 months in a Pommeau cask. Pommeau is a French aperitif made from apple jui ...

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A blend of 30 to 40 years old Calvados.

This blend is a rich and complex flavour spirit, with a long lasting finish. The Réserve d'Adrien has all the features that only high quality Calvados have.  

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Grandiose 1964 vintage Calvados Pays d'Auge with almonds and brewers aromas.

The Christian Drouin vintage calvados range is unique. Each year has a one-of-a-kind taste and a particular style. After having aged many years, this 1964 vintage possesses original aromas, different than that of traditional calvados. Almond flavours wi ...

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A renowned Calvados, which is produced in tradition...

This spirit is a blend of 40 to 50 year old Calvados. These were distilled in stills from the 1920's. The Calvados is filled from barrels, with an alcohol content of 62%. The Calvados Prestige has apple, plum and prune notes. It is incredibly com ...

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An exceptional Calvados, the eldest born of the hou...

The Calvados Rareté is an amazing blend of vintages from 1900 to 1940's. It is the oldest vintage of the house Camut. It offers an unforgettable taste experience, with an unparalleled finale. Fragr ...

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A fruity Calvados, aged in Port wine casks.

Calvados Fût de Porto 5 ans is a 5 year old Calvados produced by Christian Drouin in Normandy.Each year, the Drouin family releases a series of special Calvados creations, which are called Calvados Expressions. This 5 year old Calvados is o ...

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Brilliant 1974 vintage Calvados marrying gourmet aromas with praline.

The Christian Drouin vintage calvados range is unique. Each year has a one-of-a-kind taste and a particular style. This 1974 vintage gourmet calvados marries toasted aromas with praline. Fruity, complex and elegant aromas. A very elegant Cal ...

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A 1989 Calvados from Lemorton.

The 1989 Lemorton Calvados creates a delicious harmony of fruit, tannin and alcohol.A very rare Calvados of an exceptional quality!

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A very fine aged Calvados from Lemorton. A blend of ancient reserve vintages...

This rare bottle contains the probably most prestigious Calvados made by the Lemorton family. It is a blend of old vintages and ancient reserves at the Lemorton's cellars, the oldest being almost a century old.A remarkable blend with a delicate taste.

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Aged Vieux Calvados from the Vicomté d'Auge. 1937 vintage.

1937 vintage Vieux Calvados distilled at the Vicomté d'Auge. 75 cl bottle.

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