Calvados is a traditional brandy obtained from Cidre der Normandie (French cider) and is a classic digestif. If armagnac and cognac were brothers, calvados would be their posh cousin.

It ages in oak barrels just like its relatives, and is obtained either by a single distillation (like armagnac), or by repeated distillation (like cognac). The smooth and soft taste of particularly old types of calvados reminds of cognac. However, younger types of calvados are characterized by a bittersweet, fruity taste, which is simply unique amongst all spirits of their kind.
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A very complex 1980 Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton.

Lemorton Calvados is made with a 70% share of pears, which are picked as soon as they are fully ripe.This vintage Calvados was distilled in 1980 and stored in a barrel since then. It was bottled at an age of 36 years.The aromas reveal preserved pear, ...

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A fine aged Calvados with a both fruity and floral aroma.

The high share of pear is what characterizes this Calvados Domfrontais, adds a lot of character and allows these kinds of Calvados to age very well.This 1969 vintage offers a great finesse. It reveals sumptuous fruit and flower notes and has a pleasant, long lasting ...

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Aged for 8 years, including time in sherry casks, imparting notes of crème brulé...

This Calvados Pays d'Âuge ages for 8 years, the final year in sherry casks. The liquor wine offers the bouquet of this cider brandy its typical sweetness. It shows signs of crème brûlée, baked goods and raisins.The experience is silky and ...

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This golden-tinted Calvados has a fresh and fruity...

This apple brandy has been matured six years in oak, and is exceptionally rich. All the flavours complement one other in wonderful harmony. This golden Calvados has a fresh and fruity taste reminiscent of green ap ...

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15 years old Calvados aged in oak barrels with well-balanced aromas.

Amber-coloured Calvados with complex and balanced aromas. Its fruit flavours melt into an intense taste of wood and spices. Well-rounded, great length in the mouth. After having been distilled and aged for 15 years in oak casks, its impeccable quality c ...

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Grandiose aged Calvados with notes of caramelised apples, almonds and spices....

This 1930's vintage Calvados Pays d'Auge has aged in oak barrels to become today a rare luxury product. Its elegant taste is obtained following natural and traditional methods, as is its mahogany colour. It possesses intense aromas of almond and spices, ...

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Single vintage, and well balanced in all respects.

This single vintage Calvados is aged in old brandy wine casks until its ripe. Served at around 18 degrees Celsius, this Calvados at 42% ABV is well-balanced in every respect.While observing a poured glass, you'll first notice its glistening golden amber color. Its ...

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Partially aged in Madeira casks. Notes of chocolate and nuts, apple peel and alm...

The Fut de Madère is a Calvados Pays d'Âuge that ages for 7 years in old Calvados casks, except for the last 8 months when they are transferred to casks previously used for Madeira wine – hence the name.The southerly wine offers the Calvados part ...

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1926 vintage Vieux Calvados by Lemorton, in a 70 cl bottle.

Aged Calvados distilled by the Lemorton Maison.

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Aged Vieux Calvados from the Vicomté d'Auge. 1937 vintage.

1937 vintage Vieux Calvados distilled at the Vicomté d'Auge. 75 cl bottle.

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This 6-year-old Calvados taste of green apple and i...

This apple brandy matured six years in a large barrel and is exceptionally rich in diverse flavours that complement each other in a wonderful harmony. It has a beautiful golden colour and a fresh and fruity taste ...

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