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Fresh apple aromas are kept by a relatively rapid aging in large casks.

Très Pomme tastes, like the name suggests, very strongly of apples. This young Calvados Pays d'Âuge ages barely longer than 2 years in large oak casks, where the elixir has less contact to wood than in small casks.That's how the aromas of fresh apples ...

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A blend of various cider brandies, all aged at least 6 years. Aromas of apple...

This V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale) is a blend of different cider brandies aged at least 6 years or longer in small, old wine casks. The bouquet begins by showing hints of sweet cider, grilled apple and baked goods with ginger, vanilla and cinnamon; then emerge traces o ...

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This 6-year-old Calvados taste of green apple and i...

This apple brandy matured six years in a large barrel and is exceptionally rich in diverse flavours that complement each other in a wonderful harmony. It has a beautiful golden colour and a fresh and fruity taste ...

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A 12-year-old Calvados, available in 1.5l bottles.

This Calvados has remained slightly spicy, despite its 12-year maturation process. First, the nose and palate are met with a sweet apple pie infused flavour. This then meets the freshness of the fruit and the ripe ...

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Single vintage, and well balanced in all respects.

This single vintage Calvados is aged in old brandy wine casks until its ripe. Served at around 18 degrees Celsius, this Calvados at 42% ABV is well-balanced in every respect.While observing a poured glass, you'll first notice its glistening golden amber color. Its ...

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Adrien Camut - Calvados Privilège 18 Ans – 150cl

Adrien Camut - Calvados Privilège 18 Ans – 150cl

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