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Adrien Camut - Calvados Privilège 18 Ans – 150cl

Adrien Camut - Calvados Privilège 18 Ans – 150cl

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A blend of 30 to 40 years old Calvados.

This blend is a rich and complex flavour spirit, with a long lasting finish. The Réserve d'Adrien has all the features that only high quality Calvados have. Fragrance: Rich apple aromas with slightly spicy notes ...

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The perfect way to get to know the three different Calvados appelations and t...

This collection invites you to get to know the different characteristics of the different Calvados-appelations (regions of production). It includes three different 20 cl bottles: Calvados Sélection, Calvados Domfrontais Réserve and Calvados Pays d'Âuge ...

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Partially aged in Madeira casks. Notes of chocolate and nuts, apple peel and alm...

The Fut de Madère is a Calvados Pays d'Âuge that ages for 7 years in old Calvados casks, except for the last 8 months when they are transferred to casks previously used for Madeira wine – hence the name.The southerly wine offers the Calvados part ...

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