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The promising title of this recipe manuscript, from which the monk and pharmacist Jérôme Maubec developed the élixir végétal in 1737, bears the following words: “Elixir for long life”.

The drink would certainly not be sold with such a name today, thanks to legal restrictions and the like. But the drink was in fact used a medicinal tonic in the past, until it gradually became an established 'pleasure beverage' over time.

The monks of the grand charter-house have not stopped improving the recipe for their élixir végétal, while still remaining true to the original manuscript with its 130 various ingredients. The last significant change in the recipe is due to an EU regulation. Until recently, the essence was distilled to its full strength of 71% ABV. But since 2010, there are new regulations restricting the transport and aging of alcohol products with more than 70% alcohol by volume. For this reason, the monks of the grand charter-house chose to thin their traditional liquor down to 69% ABV.

There are various ways to consume Élixir végétal: you can include a few drops in sugar water, on a sugar cube, in tea or in grog. Otherwise, the elixir should help with illness, fatigue and a general lack of wellness when mixed with hot water.
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    69% vol
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    Wooden Box
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    Chartreuse Diffusion, 10 Bd Edgar-Kofler, 38500 VOIRON, FR
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    Chartreuse / Grenoble
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Chartreuse liqueurs are especially valuable spirits that are produced by monks at the Grande Chartreuse, the head monastery of the Carthusian religious order, in Voiron – near Grenoble, in France.

The production of Chartreuse liqueur is wound up in many secrets and myths. There are only two monks, Minister Benoit and Brother Jean-Jacques, who know the 130 various ingredients of the original recipe. Other sources relating to the original recipe are known by a third monk. We are relatively sure that ca. 1/3 of the ingredients originate in the Chartreuse region and the other 2/3 come from all over the world. All the ingredients, even including the coloring agents, used in all the charterhouse-produced liqueurs are 100% organic.

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By Tillie

Added on the : 24/06/2019 English

I highly recommend this product. I have been using it for the last couple of years. I am healthy and strong! Love it!!

By Dee

Added on the : 05/06/2019 English

Delicious!! Glad I found this and the delivery was quick too.

By Perfect

Added on the : 12/05/2019 English

Great. Thank you. I have been ordering this for over a year and love it. Will order again soon.

By Green man

Added on the : 28/08/2018 English

Thanks- we’ll order again. Elixir Végétal is a lovely thing!

By stpetric

Added on the : 16/05/2018 English

This is the Chartreuse to take for medicinal purposes. I've had a few snorts, and I feel better already!

By Pascal

Added on the : 13/05/2018 English

Excellent and speedy delivery of product.
Elixir vegetal is a potent and delightful liqueur, refreshing and unique.

By JEigh

Added on the : 19/04/2018 English

Excellent elixir. Was given this as a gift but soon found out it is not available in the USA. Return customer. This time I'm buying as gifts for friends. Elixir Vegetal is always well received and appreciated. has great prices and fast delivery. Thank you

By Vegetal Elixir

Added on the : 16/02/2018 English

I am taking this product for my health as I was advised. It was a secret formula made by monks and is now available to the public which I'm very happy about. I will take this product daily forever to stay healthy. .

By Lucy Lee

Added on the : 02/02/2018 English

This is order #2 of this elixir. I take it first thing every morning . I have more energy and I have not gotten sick with cold this winter. If I feel cold symptoms, I take a heavier dose. Thank you for this wonderful elixir!

By Hello

Added on the : 30/01/2018 English

Thank you I'm really enjoyed the jade absinthe. Would like to try others

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