Chartreuse Set - 3.6L

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With this set you get the whole range of Chartreuse liqueurs.

  • 1 Chartreuse Verte
  • 1 Chartreuse Jaune
  • 1 Chartreuse M.O.F.
  • 1 Chartreuse 9e Centenaire
  • 1 Chartreuse 1605
  • 1 Chartreuse Elixir Végétal
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Chartreuse Verte was created in 1764 as a lighter alternative to élixir végétal. The details regarding the original recipes' 130 ingredients have remained a well-kept secret. It is however known that sesame seeds are extracted to produce Chartreuse Verte, and alcohol, sugar and water are also obviously also included. Chartreuse Verte ages for 2 to 3 years in oak casks, and is then thinned down to its typical strength of 55% ABV before it is bottled.

The emerald color of this liquor is famous, and the beverage is most traditionally consumed chilled or on ice as a Digestif. Having said that, the usage of Chartreuse Verte in long drinks and cocktails is becoming more and more popular.
Chartreuse Jaune (yellow Chartreuse) was developed in 1838 as a more herbal variation of Chartreuse Verte, which is itself a more mild Élixir végétal variant. The details regarding the original recipe of this liquor, which was commonly called the “King of liquors” in the 19th century, remains a secret to this day. One of the few confirmed facts about the original is that sesame seeds were extracted in the production process.

Otherwise, it's clear that wine alcohol, sugar, honey and water are all play a role in the production of Chartreuse Jaune. The yellow color comes from the use of safron. It's also known that the liquor is aged for 2 to 3 years in oak casks before it is filled into its designated bottle.
In 1605, martial Francois Hannibal d'Estrées gave the recipe for a so-called “elixir for long life” to a Carthusian monk. This was the beginning of the long history of Chartreuse liquor. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of this important occurrence, the Chartreuse 1605 was developed.

The green Chartreuse 1605 can best be understood as the new edition of the original elixir of long life - unlike the élixir végétal for example, which has been continually produced ever since its inception from Jérôme Maubec. Chartreuse 1605 borrows many methods used back when the original was produced. The flavor of the spirit with 56% ABV is diverse and delineated, rough and spicy, and authentic.

Chartreuse 1605 can best be enjoyed on crushed or blocked ice, or also just well-chilled.
This liquor was developed by the great charter-house monks as a Cuvée from their aged collection in close collaboration with nine prize-winning French sommeliers: David Biraud, Arnaud Chambost, Laurant Derhe, Eric Duret, John Euvrard, Christian Péchoutre, Fabrice Sommier, Christophe Tassan and Franck Thomas.

The colour of this liqueur is more similar to the yellow Chartreuse Jaune than the green Chartreuse Verte and possesses a fine emerald glow. The bouquet is intense, and develops progressively toward a warm finish. Aromas of gentian, ginger and mango remain long on the palate; then candied citrus fruits enter the picture, until finally a volatile menthol, fennel and licorice arrangement appear. The mouth is flattered by a warm and harmonically rich flavor sensation, all the way until and throughout the glorious, fresh finale.

Chartreuse M.O.F. contains 45% ABV, and should be consumed at a temperature of about 5 or 6 degrees Celsius.
The promising title of this recipe manuscript, from which the monk and pharmacist Jérôme Maubec developed the élixir végétal in 1737, bears the following words: “Elixir for long life”.

The drink would certainly not be sold with such a name today, thanks to legal restrictions and the like. But the drink was in fact used a medicinal tonic in the past, until it gradually became an established 'pleasure beverage' over time.

The monks of the grand charter-house have not stopped improving the recipe for their élixir végétal, while still remaining true to the original manuscript with its 130 various ingredients. The last significant change in the recipe is due to an EU regulation. Until recently, the essence was distilled to its full strength of 71% ABV. But since 2010, there are new regulations restricting the transport and aging of alcohol products with more than 70% alcohol by volume. For this reason, the monks of the grand charter-house chose to thin their traditional liquor down to 69% ABV.

There are various ways to consume Élixir végétal: you can include a few drops in sugar water, on a sugar cube, in tea or in grog. Otherwise, the elixir should help with illness, fatigue and a general lack of wellness when mixed with hot water.
Holy Bruno founded the Carthusian order in 1084, and so the monks of the grand charter-house decided to carefully develop and produce the Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire Edition in order to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the order.
We're discussing a real jewel amongst the Chartreuse assortment. The flavor and color of this anniversary edition is sweeter than Chartreuse Verte, but still not quite comparable with Chartreuse Jaune. It is let to age for an extensive period of time in oak casks (at least 5 years) and is then bottled in individually numbered bottles, whose shape can be compared with the bottles used for Chartreuse from 1840 to 1878.
Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire has 47% ABV and can be consumed well-chilled or on ice.
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  • Products :
    1 Chartreuse Verte
  • 1 Chartreuse Jaune
  • 1 Chartreuse M.O.F.
  • 1 Chartreuse 9e Centenaire
  • 1 Chartreuse 1605
  • 1 Chartreuse Elixir Végétal
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    Chartreuse Diffusion, 10 Bd Edgar-Kofler, 38500 VOIRON, FR


Chartreuse liqueurs are especially valuable spirits that are produced by monks at the Grande Chartreuse, the head monastery of the Carthusian religious order, in Voiron – near Grenoble, in France.

The production of Chartreuse liqueur is wound up in many secrets and myths. There are only two monks, Minister Benoit and Brother Jean-Jacques, who know the 130 various ingredients of the original recipe. Other sources relating to the original recipe are known by a third monk. We are relatively sure that ca. 1/3 of the ingredients originate in the Chartreuse region and the other 2/3 come from all over the world. All the ingredients, even including the coloring agents, used in all the charterhouse-produced liqueurs are 100% organic.

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