Chateau Chalon & Vin Jaune

One day Napoleon said to the Prince of Metternich: “You really serve the best wine in the world here!”. Reacting to this comment, the prince stated that “the best wine in the world doesn't come from here on the Johannisberg [Johannes mountain], but rather from a small town in your kingdom named Château Chalon."

This French wine is characterized by subtle hazelnut, walnut, tobacco and often also 'curry' aromas.

In order to be even more accurately informed than most French wine experts, it should be noted that the flavor of this wine is most directly influenced by the flavor of fenugreek, one of the main spices used in preparing Indian curries. Fenugreek is a member of the legume family (like peas and beans) and is used in cuisine in most countries on the planet, whether as a substantial ingredient or simply as a spice. Fenugreek is also used to brew tea and also sometimes for its medicinal purposes.
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The first year of biodynamic wine for the Bourdy vineyard, and a remarkable qual...

This vintage is the exciting result of the first year of the domain's history with bio-dynamic wine-making practices (more information on bio dynamic farming practice can be found in the 'Bio dynamic wine' chapter).The vines experienced few to no averse effects during this f ...

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