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  • Distillery : Paul Devoille
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This set consists of one bottle of Absinthe Libertine 72, one Artois glass, one...

With this set you get one bottle of Absinthe Libertine 72 - 20cl, an Artois glass (a reproduction of a glass from 1895), along with a Boheme absinthe spoon. ...

 $280/Liter  $56
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This gift set features 1 bottle of Libertine 68 Amer, as well as an Absinthe Spo...

Libertine 68 Amer and a classic absinthe spoon in a gift box. The Absinthe Libertine 68 Amer is the third Absinthe of a series, following Libertine 55 and Libertine 72. Made according to a recipe from 1894 and is characterised by a savoury bitte ...

 $73/Liter  $51
In stock
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