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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual.

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This set contains 2 glasses - Pontarlier II and 2 spoons - Feuille.

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Serve an absinthe with a Tarragona glass and dripper and experience living histo...

As used by famous writer and notorious absinthe drinker Ernest Hemingway, during his time in Spain in the twenties (see image). Tarragona glasses on table. Ernest Hemingway and others at a ...

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Large, elegant, and handmade.

As with our Spanish style Pontarlier glass, this absinthe glass has a pan-European history. Based on the Pontarlier glass from the France-Comté region in France, which was the capital of absinthe making back in the day. After absinthe was banned in France, the

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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual.

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This set includes 3 Absinthe Glasses Bubble Reservoir.

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A set containing 3 x 20cl of the best absinthes from Artémisia Bugnon and an Abs...

Discover those three absinthes that are as brilliant and they're different from one another. Claude-Alain Bugnon really knows what he is doing! This set comes with a nice wooden box and a Boheme absinthe spoon.

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A sample of 1950s Pernod Fils Absinthe, a vintage reproduction carafe, and a bub...

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This set contains 1 glass - Pontarlier II and 1 spoon - Feuille.

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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual. With two gl...

Preparing a glass of absinthe is an art. It requires time, patience and passion, in return it offers an enjoyable visual experience and is a great conversation starter. There are many ways of preparing a glass of absinthe. This set is the ideal ...

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This set contains one bottle of Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard and one SLIPSTREAM®...

With this set you get one 20cl bottle of Absinthe Jade ...

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Rediscover the flavours of yesteryear with this Pastis set!

The ideal set to enjoy your favourite anise spirits as they did in the past. This kit includes a bottle of Pastis d'Antan Combier - 70cl, 2 glasses Combier and a Pastis d'Antan water jug packed in a box with Combier logo. This set features the following prod ...

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Everything you need for an absinthe party. Introduce your friends to real absint...

With this set, your absinthe party is sure to be a great success. The set contains everything you need for the traditional absinthe ritual.Discover 2 high quality absinthes with this set: Francois Guy and Vit Opal.The following products are incl ...

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This gift set consists of a Jade Nouvelle Orléans absinthe and a bubble glass.

With this set, you get a bottle of Jade Nouvelle Orléans absinthe, a very original absinthe created by American distiller Ted Breaux, along with a bubble glass. Both are packed in a lovely wooden box. The glass will b ...

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Set Absinthe St. Antoine and Amave - 1L

Czech Republic
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A set consisting of 2 high quality absinthes bottles from Martin Zufanek: St. An...

With this set, you get 2 of the best absinthes from Czech Republic: St. Antoine and Amave. Both are produced by Martin Zufanek in the White Carpathians. The St. Antoine was one of the first high ...

 $69.50/Liter  $69.50
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A gift set consisting of 3 whiskeys from the Koval distillery in Chicago: Millet...

With this gift set you can get to know 3 high quality American whiskeys from the Koval distillery in Chicago. You'll get one 200 ml bottle of each of the following whiskeys, packaged in a beautiful and practical gift box: Koval Millet Whiskey, Koval Bourbon ...

 $144/Liter  $86.50
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A strikingly packaged trio of micro-distillery gin and sloe gin. The perfect gif...

First Rate Gin, the Cooper House Dry Gin and the Sloe Gin from the Adnams distillery. Since 1872, beer has been brewed at the Adnams brewery in Southwold, a picturesque town on the east coast of England. In 2010 the distillery turned their old c ...

 $66/Liter  $39.50
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