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Set Libertine 72 - 70cl

(8 Reviews)

The Set Libertine 72 is ideal to prepare your absinthe in a traditional way, acc...

The Set Libertine 72 is ideal to prepare your absinthe in a traditional way, according to the classic ritual. Its 2 glasses and 2 spoons will enable you to share this experience with a close relative or a friend: absinthe tasting has always been a pleasant m ...

 $118.50/Liter  $83
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This set contains 2 glasses - Pontarlier II and 2 spoons - Feuille.

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Delicious fudge with Absinthe Blanche Neige and Peruvian fine chocolate, made in...

The finest chocolate from Peru and our own Absinthe Blanche Neige from Switzerland merge into a deliciously creamy taste experience! The whole thing is refined with cranberries, lemon pepper and arctic thyme salt.The German fudge ...

 $10/100 g  $10
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Discover the Vecchio Amaro Del Cappo in a set with two glasses with an ideal siz...

This Vecchio Amaro del Cappo liqueur is a symbolic product of Caffo distillery. This plant-based Calabrian liquor was taken from an old Calabrian recipe that is enriched with the knowledge handed down for four generations of the Caffo family. In 2010, this was the only Itali ...

 $36.50/Liter  $25.50
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AbsinthExplore Set – Jade

(6 Reviews)

Discover 3 spirits from Jade Liqueurs, made traditionally in Saumur, France. Thi...

All of Jade Liqueurs fine beverages are produced traditionally in Saumur, France. With the Jade AbsinthExplore Set you can try 3 of their fine absinthes. Jade Liqueurs range of ultra premium absinthe products are handcrafted and are distilled in ...

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Set Absinthe St. Antoine and Amave - 1L

Czech Republic
(5 Reviews)

A set consisting of 2 high quality absinthes bottles from Martin Zufanek: St. An...

With this set, you get 2 of the best absinthes from Czech Republic: St. Antoine and Amave. Both are produced by Martin Zufanek in the White Carpathians. The St. Antoine was one of the first high ...

 $69.50/Liter  $69.50
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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual.

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Three of the most fascinating and delicious absinthes from the Artémisia Bugnon...

The Artemisia Bugnon AbsinthExplore Set offers you three of Switzerland's finest, most famous absinthes: La Clandestine, Angélique Verte Suisse and the Absinthe Butterfly.The distillery started off as a genuinely clandesti ...

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Two Swedish absinthes with an intense wormwood taste.

With this set you get both absinthes from the Svensk Absint distillery from Sweden.Grön Opal and Vit Opal are made with wild-foraged grand wormwood and they rested for at least three months in barrels before bottling.< ...

 $110.50/Liter  $110.50
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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual.

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Get everything you need for the traditional absinthe ritual, packed in an elegan...

This set is the perfect kit for the traditional absinthe ritual. It features one absinthe Carafe, 2 high-quality Pontarlier Glasses. As well as 2 Croix II Spoons. Packed in a classic beige box (not the black one shown on the pho ...

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A set containing 3 x 20cl of the best absinthes from Artémisia Bugnon and an Abs...

Discover those three absinthes that are as brilliant and they're different from one another. Claude-Alain Bugnon really knows what he is doing! This set comes with a nice wooden box and a Boheme absinthe spoon.

 $156.50/Liter  $94
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The gift set features an Absinthe Libertine 55 Originale and an Absinthe Spoon,...

With this set you can enjoy a Absinthe Libertine 55 Originale. The set is completed with a traditional absinthe spoon, allowing you to prepare absinthe according to the classic absinthe ritual – pour a measure of absinthe in a glass, r ...

 $94/Liter  $47
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A set that includes a Jade absinthe VS 1898 and a bubble glass packed in a prett...

This gift set features a bubble glass and a bottle of Jade VS 1898 absinthe, a replica of a famous Swiss absinthe Verte from one century ago. Both are packed in an elegant wooden box. The glass will be shipped separately.

 $141.50/Liter  $99
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This set contains one bottle of Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard and one SLIPSTREAM®...

With this set you get one 20cl bottle of Absinthe Jade ...

 $440/Liter  $88
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This set contains 1 glass - Pontarlier II and 1 spoon - Feuille.

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This set consists of one bottle of Absinthe Libertine 72, one Artois glass, one...

With this set you get one bottle of Absinthe Libertine 72 - 20cl, an Artois glass (a reproduction of a glass from 1895), along with a Boheme absinthe spoon. ...

 $280/Liter  $56
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This set includes 3 Absinthe Glasses Bubble Reservoir.

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In the Gaudentia Persoz AbsinthExplore Set, you can find three of renowned disti...

When Gaudentia Persoz and her husband moved into their house in Couvet, Switzerland, they found an old, small still in the cellar, along with an absinthe recipe from 1898. This set her off on her journey to becoming one of Switzerland's finest absinthe distillers, whic ...

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A Swedish absinthe that comes together with a Spanish glass and dripper.

This set consists of one bottle of the Grön Opal absinthe from Sweden and a Tarragona glass with the matching dripper.Grön Opal is produced by the Svensk Absint distillery and is characterized by its intense Swedish wormwood. This absinthe i ...

 $166/Liter  $83
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The perfect set for everyone new to the traditional absinthe ritual. With two gl...

Preparing a glass of absinthe is an art. It requires time, patience and passion, in return it offers an enjoyable visual experience and is a great conversation starter. There are many ways of preparing a glass of absinthe. This set is the ideal ...

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Discover 3 spirits from La Maison Fontaine, made traditionally in Pontarlier, Fr...

All of La Maison Fontaine's fine beverages are produced traditionally in Pontarlier, France. With the La Maison Fontaine AbsinthExplore set you can try both of their fine absinthes, along with their exceptional chocolate and wormwood liqueur ...

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Set Green Velvet - 1.4L

(1 Review)

A set of two Swiss Premium-Absinthes: Green Velvet - Absinthe Originale

 $155/Liter  $217
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