Classic Absinth Fountain AAA – high quality - 4 taps

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The highest quality traditional absinthe fountain available today.   Read the whole description

  • Capacity
  • Height
    53 cm
  • Tap material

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You can enjoy the traditional absinthe ritual and let yourself be taken back to the 19th century with this fountain.

The Classic absinthe fountain AAA is one of the highest quality metal fountains available. The metal parts are made from nickel-plated brass and the glass is thick, high quality, and has been tempered to make it resistant to temperature changes.

The base of the the fountain is padded with foam, protecting your table from scratches and making the fountain less likely to slide. The taps are a leak-proof and can be easily unscrewed for cleaning. A French cockerel roosts on top of the lid, reminiscent of the Terminus Absinthe fountain from the Belle Epoque.

The fountain has been certified food safe by the Fresenius institute.

The absinthe fountain will be delivered securely to your home, packed in nicely illustrated box. We recommend rinsing your fountain before first using it.

Capacity: 2L
Height: 53cm
Width: 28.5cm

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