Clear Absinthe

This is usually the favourite of people trying absinthe for the first time, and of the most experience absintheurs: where absinthe drinkers settle again in the end, having explored the world of green absinthe. Quite simply because it is balanced and delicious. Much of the finest absinthe is clear. Also known as Blanche, La Bleue, and white absinthe. The name La Bleue refers to absinthe from Switzerland, and blanche to clear absinthe from anywhere else.

These absinthes are mainly clear, and they can appear slightly blue when diluted with water. These absinthes are not coloured with herbs after the distillation step, which is why they remain clear. This means their flavour is less herbal, instead being smoother. Usually they contain less alcohol than green absinthe.
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Green Velvet - Absinthe Originale is an Ultra-Premium-Absinthe made at the Val-d...

Green Velvet VAL. 275 – La Bleue is as clear as the pure spring water from which it is made. The hand-picked herbs from the region lend it the original smooth absinthe taste with a subtle hint of liquorice. This combination is ideal for the world ...

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Absinthe de Vichy - 50cl

France / 45%
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An ideal absinthe for beginners because of its restrained anise, interesting bot...

Staying true to the precise original recipe, Absinthe de Vichy contains some very exotic botanicals alongside the original absinthe trio of wormwood, anise and fennel. Among these exotic plants are subtle quantities of sassafras, and of mace, lemon and ci ...

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Absinthe HR Giger 20th Anniversary Museum Edition celebrates the 20th anniversar...

Absinthe HR Giger 20th Anniversary Museum Edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the HR Giger Museum in Gr ...

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