Cocktail Bitters Dr. Sours #12 - Xoco Tea - black tea - 12,5cl

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This Cocktail bitters by Dr. Sours are an interesting combination of black tea and Mexican chocolate. Their aroma is smoky and chocolatey at the same time. The smoky aroma is derived from Mezcal, which the producers at Dr. Sours use as base alcohol for all of their Bitter creations. This is a unique technique, as well as a unique taste.

Dr. Sours #12 tastes just like the essence of black tea would, notes of chocolate are very subtle.

How to enjoy Dr. Sours #12: Add this Cocktail bitters to any cask aged spirit, such as rye, bourbon, tequila or cognac. It’ll also add a new, refreshing twist to classic 20th Century cocktail recipes.

Dr. Sours Bitters #12
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Dr. Sours Bitters

The bemonocled feline featured on the labels is a mysterious figure hiding behind the pseudonym of Dr. Sours. All that is known about him is that he has a fine nose, and like many cats, is picky about gastronomy. Industrial drinks are a no-no for him, which was the inspiration for creating the first handcrafted, all natural Mexican bitters.

Founded 2015 in Mexico City by Sol Sours and Manuel Weisskopf, two mixology experts with over 17 years of cocktail-creating experience.

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