Cocktail Bitters Dr. Sours #16 - Papa Moi - Tobacco - 12,5cl

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An elegant and smooth taste of Mexican tobacco and mezcal, this is the Dr. Sours #16 Papa Moi Bitters. The tobacco used to create this powerful essence is grown and harvested in Veracruz, which is said to profit from very fine soil due to volcanoes that are close buy. Combine this Cocktail bitters with aromas like vanilla, lavender, cedar, clove, cacao, cinnamon, leather, wood, and nuts and you’ll feel inspired!

All Bitters at Dr. Sours are handmade in Mexico using nothing but natural and organic ingredients. Their unique technique of using Mezcal as their base alcohol, adds a uniquely smoky aroma and character to every one of their essences.

How to enjoy Dr. Sours #16: This one wants to be experimented with. Try creating a Tobacco Old Fashioned for example, or a new type of Boulevardier.

Dr. Sours Bitters #16 Papa Moi
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