Cognac is the world's most popular brandy. They are used as a standard measure for quality when comparing different brandies.

Usually, a Cognac has about 40° ABV, the minimum alcohol content that was set by governing bodies in Europe. Cognac is known for its soft, large bouquet, with common hints of vanilla, caramel, apricot, orange, and prune. The definition Cognac is protected via an IGP (French: appellation d'origine protégée, AOP, previously AOC).
Other brandies, apart from armagnac which are also available on our shop, are often called eau-de-vie de vin (for products from France), and Weinbrand (for products from Germany and Austria). Since 1920, the term Kognak is prohibited to be used for brandies
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Mature and slightly fruity, this wonderful Cognac offers a wide range of fine ar...

Tesseron Cognac Lot No 76 X.O. Tradition shows its maturity through and through. This blend of reserve Grand Champagne cognacs is matured in old casks, where it develops its clear and bright color and its rich caramelized peach, almond and candied fruit aromas. Nu ...

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Cognac Duquai VSOP - 70cl

France / 40%
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Cognac Duquai VSOP – delicious, soft and well balanced.

Duquai Cognac VSOP is made by Philippe Braastad Tiffon at the Duquai cellars in Jarnac, a little village in the Cognac region, south west France. Duquai VSOP’s has a pleasing ochre colour, and an aroma evocative of springtime. The finest ...

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Pure and fresh, this Cognac has a unique character.

The Cognac Tesseron Lot n° 90 – XO Ovation is a mixture of various vintages that combine freshness and purity. Tesseron cognacs are produced exclusively in local stills made of red bronze that are produced in the Charente region of France.  ...

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An elegant and fragrant cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

The XO cognac from Fanny Fougerat is aged for 12 years in cask. The ugni blanc grapes are coming from the two vineyard domains, one being Fins Bois and the other one Borderies. The Iris Poivré is a fine and delicate cognac, with floral not ...

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A smooth and fruity cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

This VSOP is a 5 years old cognac elaborated by Fanny Fougerat. Her vineyards are located in the Borderies and Fins Bois areas.Its aroma is delicate and fruity, with citrusy notes. In mouth, the same delicateness can be found, completed by a ligh ...

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An excellent cognac: complex and fruity.

Duquai XO Cognac is made by Philippe Braastad Tiffon, at the Duquai cognac house in Jarnac, in the south west of France. Thi cognac is aged for and 30 years before bottling. Characterised by the ochre hues and green tints in its ...

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With its 21 years of ageing, this is the oldest cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

The EXTRA Cèdre Blanc is a rich and powerful cognac. At nose, one can clearly notice vanilla and cinnamon notes, which can also be found in mouth. They are completed by soft aromas of tobacco and apricot.Despite its alcohol content of more than 44%, this c ...

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Discover the diversity of Tesseron Cognac with this set.

You'll get one 50ml bottle of the following four cognacs from Tesseron: Lot 29, Lot 53, lot 76 and Lot 90.The perfect gift idea for all cognac lovers or for those who want to immerse in the world of cognac.

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A Cognac almost reaching perfection thanks to the complexity of its savors.

Tesseron Cognac Lot No 53 XO Perfection is a splendid blend of Tesseron's most unique stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac. Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes are aged for more than two generations in Limousin oak casks, where its topaz color develops. The nose is enter ...

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An exquisite cognac from Tesseron that is made from grapes from the Grande Champ...

The name Tesseron stands for high quality cognac because the family combines perfect craftsmanship with innovation.Cognac Extra Légende is created by blending 50 of the best eau-de-vie from Grande Champagne. After distillation, the cognac ...

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The jewel of the Tesseron Cognacs. Just incredible.

Tesseron Cognac Lot 29 XO Exception is described by Tesseron themselves as the rare jewel of their collection. Tesseron's oldest and rarest vintages are lovingly aged for at least three generations before being blended into this exceptional cognac ...

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1975 vintage Cognac with notes of acacia, orange zest, almonds and apricots.

All the areas of land dedicated to growing grapes for Cognac are divided into different classifications, called ‘crus’. Brandies from each ‘cru’ are believed to express its own unique terroir. Cognac Duquai Fins Bois come ...

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A complex Cognac aged first in the English countryside and then by the Liverpool...

A complex and powerful cognac, and unique! This Cognac started out like all other fine cognacs, made from selected grapes and distilled traditionally. Had it been aged in cognac, it would have been an excellent brandy. However its destiny was not to be cellared ...

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This Cognac is so rare that even specialists only speak of it as a memory of fla...

Tesseron Extrême is so rare that even specialists only speak of it as a memory of flavors which can be sought but may never be found. The velvety suppleness of such superior cognac is an experience that the palate will not be able to forget.The flavor opens u ...

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