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An Irish whisky, distilled from corny malt and aged in Californian cabernet sauv...

The Teeling Single Grain Whisky is derived from 95% corny malt. Its light color with a red tint is a result from maturing the whisky in red wine casks.Only 5.000 bottles are made each year, this is a small batch master piece. The Teeling Single G ...

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After about 15 years of aging in small, old wine casks made of oak, the Calvados...

After about 15 years of aging in small, old wine casks made of oak, the Calvados Pays d'Âuge develops its unique potency and takes on its glistening amber color. After you serve it in a snifter glass, it's worthwhile to let it breathe for awhile and enjoy the shift ...

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An exquisite cognac from Tesseron that is made from grapes from the Grande Champ...

The name Tesseron stands for high quality cognac because the family combines perfect craftsmanship with innovation.Cognac Extra Légende is created by blending 50 of the best eau-de-vie from Grande Champagne. After distillation, the cognac ...

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Brilliant 1974 vintage Calvados marrying gourmet aromas with praline.

The Christian Drouin vintage calvados range is unique. Each year has a one-of-a-kind taste and a particular style. This 1974 vintage gourmet calvados marries toasted aromas with praline. Fruity, complex and elegant aromas. A very elegant Cal ...

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A sweet rum with notes of vanilla that has been aged for 12 years in the Dominic...

Ron Summum Sauternes Cask Finish is different from other rums due to the way it is aged. It was not aged in just one type of barrel, but in two. After aging in white oak barrels, Ron Summum rests in wine barrels from the renowned Chateau d'Arches wine cellar ...

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A cask-aged and fruity Grappa from Italy.

An original and Italian cask-aged grappa, made in the region of Venice. What makes this grappa unique, apart from its beautiful bottle design, is the ancient grape variety used. The grapes are called "Raboso Piave" and was the main grape var ...

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Discover the diversity of Tesseron Cognac with this set.

You'll get one 50ml bottle of the following four cognacs from Tesseron: Lot 29, Lot 53, lot 76 and Lot 90.The perfect gift idea for all cognac lovers or for those who want to immerse in the world of cognac.

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Grandiose 1964 vintage Calvados Pays d'Auge with almonds and brewers aromas.

The Christian Drouin vintage calvados range is unique. Each year has a one-of-a-kind taste and a particular style. After having aged many years, this 1964 vintage possesses original aromas, different than that of traditional calvados.   Almond flavour ...

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La Hechicera is a Colombian rum, aged for 12 to 21 years. It is characterized by...

La Hechicera rum is produced in the heart of the Caribbean: Colombia. It is a blend of different distillates that have been aged between 12 and 21 years in American white oak barrels. The influence of the oak barrels, which previously contai ...

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A Cognac almost reaching perfection thanks to the complexity of its savors.

Tesseron Cognac Lot No 53 XO Perfection is a splendid blend of Tesseron's most unique stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac. Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes are aged for more than two generations in Limousin oak casks, where its topaz color develops. The nose is enter ...

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An apple grown especially inside a bottle, giving unique fruity aromas to the Ca...

This Calvados differs from its sisters in flavor thanks to the sugar and the fruity aromas that the apple contribute through its life-long maceration directly in the bottle. It is therefore especially fruity and sweet and is well-suited above all else as a ...

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A Calvados aged in Pommeau casks.

Calvados Fût de Pommeau 6 ans is part of the “Calvados Expresssions” range from Christian Drouin. After more than 4 years of aging in used oak casks, it rested another 21 months in a Pommeau cask. Pommeau is a French aperitif made from apple jui ...

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Blackforest Wild Rum is made in the Black Forest and aged in 5 different barrels...

Finally, the Black Forest has its own rum. The Black Forest Wild Rum is produced by the Wild family distillery in the Black Forest. They use a spontaneous fermentation without any addition of yeast to the molasses. The spontaneous fermentation gives the Wild ...

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Pure and fresh, this Cognac has a unique character.

The Cognac Tesseron Lot n° 90 – XO Ovation is a mixture of various vintages that combine freshness and purity. Tesseron cognacs are produced exclusively in local stills made of red bronze that are produced in the Charente region of France.  ...

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Cognac Duquai VSOP - 70cl

France / 40%
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Cognac Duquai VSOP – delicious, soft and well balanced.

Duquai Cognac VSOP is made by Philippe Braastad Tiffon at the Duquai cellars in Jarnac, a little village in the Cognac region, south west France. Duquai VSOP’s has a pleasing ochre colour, and an aroma evocative of springtime. The finest ...

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A blend of different distilled ciders, all at least aged for 4 years.

Christian Drouin's Réserve de Fiefs is a blended Calvados of different distilled ciders, all at least 4 years old. During this aging process a nuance of wood shows its presence, but the fruit still dominates the taste on the palate, with honey and blooming flowers ...

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A fruity whisky from the Black Forest in Germany.

Black Forest Wild Whisky aged for 3 years in new American oak barrels and in used American Bourbon barrels. It also aged for 2 years in sherry and port wine barrels. This barrel aging gives the whiskey a distinctive taste of fruit, and malty notes.

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Mature and slightly fruity, this wonderful Cognac offers a wide range of fine ar...

Tesseron Cognac Lot No 76 X.O. Tradition shows its maturity through and through. This blend of reserve Grand Champagne cognacs is matured in old casks, where it develops its clear and bright color and its rich caramelized peach, almond and candied fruit aromas.Nuts ...

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An excellent cognac: complex and fruity.

Duquai XO Cognac is made by Philippe Braastad Tiffon, at the Duquai cognac house in Jarnac, in the south west of France. Thi cognac is aged for and 30 years before bottling. Characterised by the ochre hues and green tints in its ...

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A blend of various cider brandies, all aged at least 6 years. Aromas of apple pi...

This V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale) is a blend of different cider brandies aged at least 6 years or longer in small, old wine casks. The bouquet begins by showing hints of sweet cider, grilled apple and baked goods with ginger, vanilla and cinnamon; then emerge traces o ...

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A barrel-aged gin produced by the Koval distillery in Chicago.

Koval Barreled Gin is based on the same floral recipe as Koval Gin. This gin has rested for 6 months in a whiskey barrel that has previously been used to age Koval Whiskey. The barrel aging ...

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Fresh apple aromas are kept by a relatively rapid aging in large casks.

Très Pomme tastes, like the name suggests, very strongly of apples. This young Calvados Pays d'Âuge ages barely longer than 2 years in large oak casks, where the elixir has less contact to wood than in small casks. That's how the aromas of fresh apple ...

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With this set you'll get 6 different Malecon rums, with an age from 12 to 25 yea...

With this set you'll get 6 different Malecon rums, with an age from 12 to 25 years.The rum Malecon is produced in Panama according to the traditional Cuban production method.

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The jewel of the Tesseron Cognacs. Just incredible.

Tesseron Cognac Lot 29 XO Exception is described by Tesseron themselves as the rare jewel of their collection. Tesseron's oldest and rarest vintages are lovingly aged for at least three generations before being blended into this exceptional cognac ...

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