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After many years living in the shadow of her sister vodka, gin has made a comeback and is being appreciated like never before. The enchanting variety of aromas offered by this perfumed spirit has drinkers all over the world discussing the merits of each gin, almost without end.

Gin gives us the chance to explore a world of different flavour profiles, given to it by all kinds of aromatic botanicals.

Let's not forget the basics though: Gin is a clear spirit which gains most of its flavour from juniper berries. Each distiller then selects other herbs and spices, the botanicals, to complement the juniper. These botanicals are then left to soak in pure spirit, essentially strong vodka, made from grain or from sugar, and then distilled, diluted with water and bottled.
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“Sehnsucht” is German for desire, longing, aspiration and craving. This unfilter...

Sehnsucht gin is distilled in the center of Freiburg in the South of Germany. It is an entirely sustainable gin. All ingredients are sourced and grown locally. Holger Frey, the creator and distiller, dilutes the gin with Black Forest Spring Water until it re ...

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