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Absinthe spoons

The absinthe spoon is most important in the art of preparing an absinthe:

After pouring a measure of absinthe into a glass, rest the spoon across the rim. Place a sugar cube on top. Gently drip iced water on to the sugar, which will then slowly dissolve and flow through the absinthe spoon into the absinthe below.

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The ritual: Being prepared in a specific way, the absinthe has always been very special. Your water has to be as cold as possible and you should avoid putting ice cubes in your glass. Don't forget to slowly drip water on your absinthe, in order to let the water fully reveal the flavour of your absinthe.

Absinthe spoons: Antique perforated absinthe spoons are collectors' items, being sold for thousands of dollars. Originating from the 1860s, absinthe spoons had brand names or logos stamped for advertising. Back in the days, absinthe spoons have sometimes been issued to commemorate a special event. For example, the "Tour Eiffel" absinthe spoon, out in 1889 to remember the opening of the Eiffel Tower. As well as being beautiful, it makes a great conversation starter just by its unusual design. Finding an original Eiffel Tower spoon is very difficult and expensive. Though, we offer a beautiful replica, made of high-quality plated brass.

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