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An homage to absinthe from before the ban. The new charge of Justifiée & Ancienn...

The last version of Justifiée & Ancienne sold out within days. Now a new version is back, and we reckon it’s better than ever. Martin Zufanek, distiller of Justifiée & Ancienne has used wine spirit from 2013 which has ...

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Absinthe Mead Base 2016 - 50cl

Czech Republic / 65%

The newest batch of absinthe made from mead. Honey absinthe, so to speak.

Mead Base Absinthe is a unique creation from Martin Zufanek, made using alcohol distilled from mead, which is fermented from honey cultivated by the Zufanek family themselves (or rather, from their bees).The base mead-spirit used to make thi ...

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A genuine blanche absinthe, excellent as a 'session' absinthe, or as a first tas...

In our opinion, Martin Zufanek is the producer of the finest Czech absinthe. Absinthe Amave just confirms the fact. In hindsight, the absence of a blanche from Zufanek's range is surprising. What with all the other experimentation and collaborations going on, re ...

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Absinthe St. Antoine - 50cl

Czech Republic / 70%

This absinthe is based on a French recipe; it is certainly one of the best Czech...

The absinthe St. Antoine from Martin Zufanek is based on a French recipe ; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthes! Every product used for its production is natural and it is not sweetened at the Zufanek distillery. Its coloration ...

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Absinthe La Grenouille - 50cl

Czech Republic / 65%

This absinthe is based on a mediterranean recipe; it is certainly one of the bes...

La Grenouille absinthe is based on a mediterranean recipe; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthe! When Stefano Rossoni, the Italian distiller behind L'Italienne absinthe, started working on the La Grenouille recipe, his idea was to create an absi ...

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Absinthe Mead Base 2013 - 50cl

Czech Republic / 68%

A specialty absinthe made from a honey wine base. Exceptionally sweet and herbal...

Discover the new edition of Mead Base here. This absinthe is also available as RUEVERTE Explore tube - Mead Base. Mead ...

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Justifiée & Ancienne – Martin Zufanek's version of a preban style absinthe.

Justifiée & Ancienne bears Martin Zufanek's unmistakable hallmark. This absinthe is based on a wine spirit that was distilled in 2013 and stored in oak barrels since then. Martin added the finest herbs to this wine base and put the di ...

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A set consisting of 2 high quality absinthes bottles from Martin Zufanek: St. An...

With this set, you get 2 of the best absinthes from Czech Republic: St. Antoine and Amave. Both are produced by Martin Zufanek in the White Carpathians. The St. Antoine was one of the first high quality C ...

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