Czech Absinthe

Czech absinthe is something of a paradox. In a way, Czech absinth was responsible for kicking off the absinthe rennaisance, despite the first Czech absinthe not being absinthe at all! Absinthe reappeared in the Czech Republic in 1994. Many Czech distillers picked up on the idea that tourists were curious about this spirit that was rumored to be hallucinogenic and had an elaborate ritual that involving setting it on fire. In fact Absinthe is no more hallucinogenic than other alcohol, and although the elaborate ritual exists, should never involve fire. Much hyped, the Czech absinthe that ended up being sold was more like herbal bitters, and did not resemble the genuine absinthe produced during the 19th century.

Fortunately things have changed, and nowadays the Czech Republic is home to some of the best absinthe on the planet. All thanks to one man though - Martin Zufanek - and his distillery. Zufanek's absinthes St. Antoine and Amave are excellent, and his collaborations with Stefano Rossoni, La Grenouille and L'Ancienne are top-class. Ancienne is only released in certain years, and sells out within days.
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AbsinthExplore St. Antoine - 50ml

Czech Republic / 70%
(27 Reviews)

This absinthe is based on a French recipe; it is certainly one of the best Czech...

The absinthe St. Antoine is based on a French recipe ; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthes! Every product used for its production is natural and it is not sweetened at the Zufanek distillery. Its coloration comes only from plan ...

 $160/Liter  $8
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AbsinthExplore Amave - 50ml

Czech Republic / 53%
(5 Reviews)

Absinthe Amave takes its inspiration from classic Swiss La Bleue.

The first clear absinthe from the Zufanek distillery in Czech Republic. Amave has a slightly sweet taste and is rounded off by a fruity note.Read the complete description here.

 $140/Liter  $7
In stock

AbsinthExplore Mead Base - 50ml

Czech Republic / 68%
(10 Reviews)

A specialty absinthe made from a honey wine base. Exceptionally sweet and herbal...

Mead Base is a special absinthe, that is very uncommon in the wide ranges of absinthes around today. Instead of the usual grain alcohol, Mead Base is distilled from honey wine (mead) that was aged for three years. All six herbs used to disti ...

 $190/Liter  $9.50
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