Darroze, Armagnac

With the history of Armagnac production spanning centuries, the history of the producer Francis Darroze S.A. is relatively young. With the center of production in Roquefort, Darroze produces one of the top armagnacs today. Founded in 1974, the firm doesn't operate their own wine production, but rather cooperates with about 30 relatively small wine producers.

History of Darroze

Darroze takes over and supervises the Armagnacs delivered from the wine producers and ages them in his own house cellars, built in 1985. The wines, produced according to traditional methods, only compromise four different customary sorts of grapes. The casks used for aging are built from wood from the evergreen oaks of Gascony, which has been let to air dry for 3 years. In these casks, the young Armagnac achieves an ideal balance between its own alcohol flavors and the aromas and tannins from the casks themselves. After 12 to 15 years, the Armagnac is then transferred to older casks. The prestigious brandy is then bottled only upon demand from customers or, at the latest, after 40 or 50 more years in the cellar – so, in total, after 52 to 65 years of aging. Darroze produces two product lines: his Grand Assemblages and the Unique Collection.

The Armagnacs in the series Grands Assemblages are conventional, at least in the category of Armagnacs which are assemblies of different vintages and growing regions. In fact, the Armagnacs in this product line which are unique are the so-called Grand Crus, the top products that originate in the Bas Armagnac, widely considered to be the best growing region.

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This Armagnac blend at 8 years old displays fruity aromas of prune, candied o...

This Armagnac blend displays a predominance of fruity aromas with very little wood influence on the palate. Hints of prune, candied orange and quince harmonize together in this straight Armagnac that is highly strung but still very smooth and enveloping. Darroze G ...

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This grand blend already shows signs of ageing with its soft spices and aroma...

This grand blend begins to show the aromas of ageing after 10 years of staying in contact with the oak. The fruit that is still present is accompanied by initial aromas of soft spices such as liquorice and cinnamon.Still quite fresh and fiery, this Armagnac blend w ...

 $83.50/Liter  $58.50
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This remarkable Armagnac blend is at its prime, after 20 years of ageing and...

This wonderful Armagnac blend is at the prime of its life, at 20 years old.It is full of joyous lively aromas and displays a lovely full-bodied character. The alcohol tones are already tamed by the tannins, and the aromas already more refined and full-bodied.

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Maturity begins at age 30. A magnificent and mature Armagnac blend.

The fresh fruit in this Armagnac blend is transformed into dried and candied fruit, and the spicy character asserts itself more and more. The first aromas of “rancio” appear and the alcohol is perfectly mellow. The fire of youth softens and relents.This ...

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The quality of the oak shines through on the palate and in the nose of this 4...

Armagnac's inherent style is clearly apparent after 40 years of ageing. The quality of the oak used in the ageing process is very important, since the correct oak tones will bring complexity and finesse to the Armagnac; the wooden character of the aroma an ...

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This grand Armagnac blend has reached the age of reasons.After 50 year...

50 years – the Age of Reason.Based on the clarity, freshness, and balance of Armagnacs of this age, it is sometimes time to stop the barrel ageing process. However, the use of barrels that have already exhausted their tannins over many years can still be useful t ...

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This 60 year-old Armagnac Blend is simply eternal.

It is rare to find such an Armagnac of this age that continues to express such character after so many years. This heavenly Armagnac blend is the result of a long and delicate selection process that preserves only those Armagnacs that have travelled through time w ...

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The Darroze Armagnac Domaine de Petit Carrique was distilled in 1993.

This Armagnac spent 22 years in oak casks, in order to develop its unique and luxurious taste.Bottled in 2015 by Francis Darroze, we are proud to have this fine spirit as part of our product range. To ensure and maintain the quality of this high quality Armagnac, the distill ...

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