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A strikingly packaged trio of micro-distillery gin and sloe gin. The perfect gif...

First Rate Gin, the Cooper House Dry Gin and the Sloe Gin from the Adnams distillery. Since 1872, beer has been brewed at the Adnams brewery in Southwold, a picturesque town on the east coast of England. In 2010 the distillery turned their old c ...

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Absinthe Adnams Rouge - 50cl

United Kingdom / 66%

This is a rare red absinthe, made by a distillery in the UK.

Adnams absinthe rouge is produced at the Adnams Copper House distillery in Southwold, UK. The vivid red colour is obtained entirely naturally from hibiscus flowers. Aroma: Complex, floral and candied with subtle hints of wormwood. ...

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This is a classic absinthe verte with well-defined herbal components, not too he...

Adnams absinthe verte is produced at the Adnams Copper House distillery in Southwold, UK. Its light green colour is obtained from a mixture of hyssop and melissa. Aroma: Wormwood is predominant, with fresh notes - very delicious. Louche:

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What happens when you distil a rich ale, hops and all?

A unique and successful experiment. Eau de Vie de Bière. Whisky! Just mentioning the name evokes strong images. Dusty wooden barrels. Amber liquid. Cut crystal tumblers. Aromas are conjured up too: Dried fruits, tobacco, vanilla, peat. ...

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The quintessential English liqueur. Sweet, tart. Marzipan, plum and juniper nose...

In southern England, the late autumn brings a real treasure with it. But only for those willing to brave the thorns of the blackthorn bush, at the right time of year adorned with that treasure: lots of small dark blue, almost matt black jewels. A type of wild plum called slo ...

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