Fanny Fougerat, Cognac

Fanny Fougerat produces authentic but also atypical cognacs, coming from the two family vineyards. One is located the Borderies, the smallest cru, while the other one is in the Fins Bois. The grape vines are grown from ugni blanc cépage which are all between 5 and 40 years old.

Fanny Fougerat cognacs all have a distinct personality but all are featured by their unique terroir character. Each of her cognac is exclusively coming from a single vintage. The double distillation is achieved in a Charentais-style alembic. Then, the cognac is aged in old casks called "ginger casks".

A few years ago, the cognacs from the Fougerat family were still used for the blends of some renown cognac houses. But in November 2013, Fanny - 4th generation of the Fougerat family - decided to look towards new horizons and to launch her own range of cognacs.
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With its 21 years of ageing, this is the oldest cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

The EXTRA Cèdre Blanc is a rich and powerful cognac. At nose, one can clearly notice vanilla and cinnamon notes, which can also be found in mouth. They are completed by soft aromas of tobacco and apricot.Despite its alcohol content of more than 44%, this c ...

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An elegant and fragrant cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

The XO cognac from Fanny Fougerat is aged for 12 years in cask. The ugni blanc grapes are coming from the two vineyard domains, one being Fins Bois and the other one Borderies. The Iris Poivré is a fine and delicate cognac, with floral not ...

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A smooth and fruity cognac from Fanny Fougerat.

This VSOP is a 5 years old cognac elaborated by Fanny Fougerat. Her vineyards are located in the Borderies and Fins Bois areas.Its aroma is delicate and fruity, with citrusy notes. In mouth, the same delicateness can be found, completed by a ligh ...

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