Faude Feine Brände - Bergamot SPIRIT 42% - 50cl

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Bergamot may be more renowned for being an ingredient in classic Earl Grey tea to balance out bitterness. But bergamot itself is an incredibly interesting citrus species. It tastes both lemon-y and bitter at the same time – very exciting!

Bergamot is almost exclusively cultivated in Calabria, which makes it a rare and weather dependent fruit. It is small and green, but contains a lot of flavor.

Enjoy this bergamot spirit neat, over ice or with Tonic Water!

Florian Faude distils this spirit at his distillery in the south of Germany – where bergamot does not grow. This is why he imports them from a farmer in Calabria. In order to ensure the same quality standards as for his brandies with locally sourced ingredients, Florian Faude visits every supplier personally, inspects the orchards and tastes the fruit.

Florian Faude, born in 1984, represents a new, innovative and perfectionist generation of distillers.
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    42% vol

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