Faude Feine Brände, Eau-de-vie, Germany

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  • Alcohol Content : Up to 35%
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A tangy, not too sweet liqueur made with green walnuts and aged in a Sauternes-c...

Each walnut is hand-selected in the early summer. Florian Faude harvests his green walnuts on “Johannistag”, the 24th of June, every year. The walnuts are infused whole with alcohol, together with spices, herbs, sugar. Before the liqu ...

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A rhubarb liqueur made in the south of Germany. Less sweet than most liqueurs an...

Liqueur, this may sound boring or old fashioned to some. But this rhubarb liqueur by FAUDEfeineBRÄNDE is something different. Its taste is very natural, not too sweet and the aroma reminds you of rhubarb jam. The rhubarb type that is used to make this liqueu ...

 $64.50/Liter  $22.50
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