Faude Feine Brände - Raspberry Eau-de-Vie 40% - 50cl

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Raspberry eau-de-vie is one of the classic southern German fruit brandies. This eau-de-vie is refreshing, extremely fruity and delicious. Enjoy it neat, on ice or in a fruity cocktail. Florian Faude uses a huge amount of raspberries in order to create its distinct and intense aroma.

Sometimes, the small seeds inside a raspberry can add a slightly bitter taste to the distillate, which is why Florian Faude keeps the period before distilling as short as possible.

Back in the day, farmers used mainly bruised or fallen fruit to make eau-de-vie, nowadays, or at least at the FAUDE distillery, it is the exact opposite. What makes the FAUDEfeineBRÄNDE eau-de-vie so special and unique, is the high quality, and the quantity of the fruit. Each raspberry is hand-selected and inspected for bumps and dents that could impact its pure taste. The Faude family has their own orchards for some of their fruit spirits, however many ingredients are sourced from friends and other local farmers. Florian Faude, born in 1984, represents a new, innovative and perfectionist generation of distillers.
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    40% vol
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    Eau de Vie

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