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This absinthe is called Freiburger absinthe, and not just because it is made in Freiburg (in the Black Forest), but because it genuinely reflects the terroir of Freiburg, due to its unique main ingredient, which is made from organic grapes...

This absinthe was distilled by Andreas Dilger at his wine cellar, which is rather uniquely located, in a former tram depot.

To understand this absinthe, it first helps to know a bit about Dilger and his wine:

Andreas Dilger is known in Freiburg for his organic wine, that he has been producing professionally since 2001. Freiburg is in Baden, a region famous in Germany for its wine. What sets Andreas Dilger's wine apart is the varieties of grapes he uses, ones which have been bred to be naturally pest resistant. This means that Dilger is able to grow his vines in harmony with nature, pruned and harvested by hand, and grown without the excessive spraying of pesticides that is associated with conventional wine growing. All of Dilger's wines are certified organic, and made with grapes from his vineyard in the outskirts of Freiburg.

With access to these high quality grapes, Dilger is able to make impressive wine, full of character. The process of pressing grapes has another product, less known than wine, which is the grape pomace. This is all of the parts of the grape left after pressing. This can be fermented and then distilled into high quality alcohol, full of grapey, fruity aromas. In Italy, this is a celebrated and famous spirit, called Grappa. In Germany it is called Tresterbrand.

This organic pomace brandy forms the basis of this absinthe, and is really the star of the show, giving it prominent fruity, grape aromas. This is accompanied by sweet anise and notes of lemon.

This is a unique opportunity to try an absinthe made with this base spirit.
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By Rebelious Nelson

Added on the : 31/03/2020 English

In 2017 on a trip to Switzerland I visited Val De Traverse, It was great. I tried many types of Absinthe and Enjoyed every single one.
I regret to state that this Absinthe is not compareable to any that I enjoyed that day. As an Organic Absithe I had set my hopes high on the bottle I had Purchased and sadly I was let down. I opened it on new years and was expecting an Absinthe with excellent Quality to drink that night. I ended up barely getting drunk and was overwhemingly let down. With me was my Girlfriend and she had never drank Absinthe before. She is not keen on consuming anything that is not Certified Organic and we had little options to choose from when placing an order. I myself are sad to say this was the first Absinthe she would try although my first Absinthe experience was not with an excelent Val De Traverse Quality product however it was from a well known product from the Chzech Republic that is coloured and does not follow the same recipies as Europe in the West, or so I thought. Anyway we are now drinking Absithe today, being Vincent Van Goghs 167th Birthday, and are pleasantly pleased by the ORGANIC ABSINTHE LA VERTE from the Bourgeois Distillery and happy that on this day we can Drink Quality Absinthe.
The Bottle of Freiburger Absinthe even while being certified organic was questionable since there was a massive amout of white residue under the cork on the inside of the bottle. This residue was hard to remove adn had no taste, something I have never seen on another bottle of Absinthe ever before.... Aaaad the cap also broke of as we tried to open the bottle. :/ Maybe the cork being synthetic reacted with the ingriedients strippping it of its redeeming qualities however the result was, on New Years eve I would be disapointed by a low quality Absinthe.
I will not be buying this product again and will look for Better Organic Absinthes.

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh,


~ Nelson

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