German Absinthe

Recommended is the high quality distilled absinthe from the Eichelberger distillery, the experimental flower colored absinthe from Neuzeller, and the refreshingly minty Corvus absinthe.

Sadly most of the absinthe you can find available in Germany is low-quality, especially the brands sold in supermarkets. Below you can find only excellent quality German absinthe.

Absinthe in Germany during the Belle Epoque:

Although France, Switzerland and Germany are all neighbors, for some reason only the former two went mad for absinthe, absolutely loving it. In Germany, things were rather different. Absinthe was forbidden in Germany in 1923, but only out of caution. The German government thought it wise to follow its neighbours, banning absinthe 13 years after the Swiss (1910) and 7 years after the French (1915).
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Set 3 x Absinthe Antitoxin - 1.5L

Germany / 89.9%
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Get 3 bottles of Absinthe Antitoxin.

Get 3 bottles of Absinthe Antitoxin.

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This set consists of 3 strong absinthes with a striking bottle design.

This set will rock any party! The set features a bottle of Absinthe Antitoxin, with a 89.9% alcohol content, a bottle of Absinthe Red Chilli Head and a bottle of Black Head. All of them have a striking bottle design.

 $74.50/Liter  $112
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This gift set consists of a bottle of Absinthe Venus, Viridis Auxilium, Calendul...

This gift set consists of a bottle of Absinthe Venus, Viridis Auxilium, Calendula and Malvales. All absinthes are produced by the Neuzeller distillery in Germany.

 $80.50/Liter  $161
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