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“The fine lady from the Black Forest” – a unique floral, citrussy Dry Gin from G...

Iris Krader had always dreamt of making her own gin. Having made her name with quality eau-de-vie - with fruit from her own orchards, no less - and having recently upgraded her still to a beautiful shining new 150 litre Arnold Holstein copper s ...

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Mundart Gin – a fruity and complex Dry Gin from southern Germany, made with 17 b...

In German, “Mundart” is the name for a regional dialect. Mundart Gin is a unique ‘dialect’ of gin, fruity and complex in the mouth – much like the local accent where this gin is made! Mundart Dry Gin

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Gin Rubus Gin - 50cl

Germany / 42%
(11 Reviews)

A berry gin produced by Florian Faude in one of the sunniest regions in Germany.

Actually, Rubus Gin was developed for barkeepers. On, you can buy this gin exclusively for your own home bar!Regional ingredients from the Kaiserstuhl area (a region in Southern Germany) and citrus fruits from Sicily are the key components of Rubus ...

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Gin Yuni Gin - 50cl

Germany / 44%
(2 Reviews)

A ginger gin for all lovers of mule, and other drinks with gin and ginger beer.

Yuni Forest Ginger’s Gin is made with three types of ginger and a special ingredient: the yuzu lemon from Japan. Distilled in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, this gin is unlike any of the ones you have tasted so far. Traditional, artisan small batch distillat ...

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A fruity whisky from the Black Forest in Germany.

Black Forest Wild Whisky aged for 3 years in new American oak barrels and in used American Bourbon barrels. It also aged for 2 years in sherry and port wine barrels. This barrel aging gives the whiskey a distinctive taste of fruit, and malty notes.

 $96/Liter  $48
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Something rare and special: fresh cucumber botanical spirit from Germany!

You may ask yourself: “What is cucumber spirit? Why?” One has to taste it in order to find out how clever and delicious this idea is. It is something innovative and very versatile. FAUDEfeineBRÄNDE‘s cucumber spirit is stocked at very ...

 $81/Liter  $40.50
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A tangy beetroot spirit made in the south of Germany. A must have for vegetable...

This is a very special spirit. It has a very intense earthy beetroot aroma. Beetroot has a beautiful bittersweet taste that you will find in this brandy. It is sweet at the tip of the tongue, the finish is rather earthy. As with all other FA ...

 $81/Liter  $40.50
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Want to enjoy fabulous cocktails while traveling? This traveler's set is made fo...

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set can be carried in flight hand luggage and therefore is the ideal companion for all globetrotters who won’t settle for anything less than perfect drinks during their flight! Including 5 different flavors ...

 $205/Liter  $20.50
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