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Absinthe Cornix - 50cl

Germany / 65%
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A traditionally distilled German absinthe with striking modern design. Notes of...

Cornix is the Latin name of the crow and raven family, highly intelligent birds who have evolved beautiful matt black feathers and elegant streamlined forms. The makers of Cornix drew their inspiration from these striking creatures when creating their design ...

 $93/Liter  $46.50
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“Sehnsucht” is German for desire, longing, aspiration and craving. This unfilter...

Sehnsucht gin is distilled in the center of Freiburg in the South of Germany. It is an entirely sustainable gin. All ingredients are sourced and grown locally. Holger Frey, the creator and distiller, dilutes the gin with Black Forest Spring Water until it re ...

 $91/Liter  $45.50
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