Gin Blackforest Wild Gin - 20cl

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Blackforest Wild Gin – we have not seen a gin that consists of that many ingredients. A stunning number of 65 botanicals used to create this very smooth and refreshing distillate. The second thing that makes thin gin very unique and special, is the fact that it is derived from blending individual distillates (usually, gin is distilled with all ingredients mixed together).

So the distillers of Blackforest Wild Gin group the botanicals in three categories: spice, juniper, citrus. The botanicals of each group are macerated and distilled together, which means the distillery runs three different distillation processes to create one product.

This method results in an extraordinary tasting gin, offering almost uncountable facets of fruits and herbs: blood orange, lemon peel, limes, ginger, lemon balm, coriander, cardamom, pimento, and of course, some juniper. Every sip will lead you down a different path – sometimes fruity, sometimes herbal, sometimes floral, sometimes spicy.

The Wild Family Distillery was founded in 1855, mainly to make fruit brandies in order to make use of everything the orchards had to offer.
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