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A pleasantly surprised “Oh My God!” might escape your lips on first tasting this gin! Although it turns out that the 'OMG' actually stands for the rather less blasphemous Oh My Gin, a fitting name for this well crafted creation from the Zufanek distillery.

The OMG is distilled in the style of London Dry Gin, without any sugar added. It is made of 16 different herbs and spices macerated in a base alcohol for several hours before being expertly distilled. The classic gin ingredients juniper and coriander are there, along with some more exotic botanicals, such as grains of paradise, lavender, and the leaves from Tilia cordata, a variety of lime tree native to Europe and considered sacred during pagan times. Just before distillation is started, orange peel is added to the mixture to give a subtle citrus flavour. At the end, you get a distillate with an alcohol content of 80%, which is then brought down to a respectable 45% by blending with pure water. Each run makes about 1,200 litres of Gin.

Tasting this Gin is a true delight. It has an intense juniper aroma and flavours of pepper and lemon. A smooth gin with powerful aromas and a subtle spiciness.
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  • Country of Origin
    Czech Republic
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    Czech Republic
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    Borsice u Blatnice
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    Steel screw cap
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