Gin Heimat Gin - 50cl

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A gin made in Germany. HEIMAT translates into „home“, or „origin“. The idea is to only use botanicals that originate in the Heilbronn region of Germany, where this gin is produced. HEIMAT Gin is made with 18 botanicals, the most dominant ones being meadow sage, thyme, buck-horn, apples, and pears.

HEIMAT Gin is a project by three friends that grew up together and who feel very connected to their homes.

Enjoy HEIMAT Gin neat, over ice or as a Gin and Tonic using Aqua Monaco Herbal Tonic or Thomas Henry Tonic Water.
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    1,5 kg
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    43% vol
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    Alfred Schladerer, Alte Schwarzwälder Hausbrennerei GmbH, Alfred-Schladerer-Platz 1, 79219 Staufen, DE
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