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Kyrö Gin is made out of 100 % rye and more than 15 selected plants. Some of them even come from the surroundings of the distillery, like meadowsweet, birch leaves, sea buckthorn and wild cranberries. These ingredients are deeply rooted in Finnish nature. Enjoying a glass of Napue is almost like inhaling the scent of a Finnish meadow in bloom.

Characterized by its herbal taste, the Kyrö Gin is nevertheless sweet. The meadowsweet oils and light notes of lemon are perceptible. On the palate, complex aromas of plants are prevailing and the finish has notes of pepper and rye.

The gin was awarded the title "Best Gin for a Gin & Tonic" at the IWSC 2015. A gin that has no equal!

And for something even more different, try Kyrö Dark Gin, the barrel aged brother of Kyrö Gin.
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Kyrö Finnish Whiskey & Gin

In Finland, all the best ideas are born in the sauna. 

And of out of the hot atmosphere of the sauna came the idea for the Kyrö distillery.

In 2012, 5 young Finns were in the sauna, wondering why, in such a rye-obessed nation as Finland, nobody had started a rye-whiskey distillery. They realised it was too good an idea to be left for someone else to come along first. So they decided to found their own distillery, and didn't waste a minute in going about it.

The location for the new distillery came naturally to them – the town of Isonkyrö, and the beautiful buildings where the country's most famous cheese had been produced until a couple of years before. The facility is located in Isokyrö, near the city that gave its name to the first Kyrö gin, the Napue Gin. Two years after the cheese factory closed, the distillers went through many bureaucratic hurdles, as well as the renovation of the building. 

In 2014, the five Finns from the sauna – Miika, Mikko, Miko, Jouni and Kalle – heated the stills for the first time.

In the “all-rye” distillery, only rye is used to produce high-quality gins and whiskeys.

This explains the company motto: “In rye we trust”. Using rye doesn't make the distillation easier since it is one of the most difficult grains to ferment and distill. In order to earn the name whiskey, a spirit has to spend at least 3 years ageing in barrels, so the first Kyrö whiskey will be avilable in 2017. In the meantime, we can already enjoy the unaged rye spirit, aptly named Juuri, meaning 'root'; and the lightly aged rye named Verso, Finnish for 'Sprout'.

The area around the distillery is not without history. The battle of Storkyro took place nearby in 1714. This was the last battle of the Great Northern War at the Finnish border, and ended with the decimation of the Finnish force at the hands of the invading Russian Imperial army, numbering twice as many troops, and the 7 year occupation of the whole of Finland. Nowadays the area is a much more peaceful place of dairy farming and natural beauty. And, of course rye distilling.

The outstandingly elegant and refined design of the Kyrö distillery's products was carefully conceived to reflect the gin and whiskey's local roots and identity. The typeface used for all the distillery's labels was inspired by the font carved into the stone of a 1920 memorial, commorating the battle of Storkyro. Some of the botanicals used for the gin are foraged from the former battlefield.

The Kyrö distillery is the northernmost gin and whiskey distillery in the world.

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By brati

Added on the : 14/01/2020 English

Best gin ever :) We tried it in Finland and liked it so much that it became our favourit.

By Jon

Added on the : 09/10/2019 English

Exceeded expectations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By greybeard

Added on the : 30/10/2018 English

Outstanding Gin! Voted best for G&Ts. In Finland they put a rosemary sprig and artic cranberries into the drink (colorful and good).

By Sam

Added on the : 08/05/2018 English

A wonderful gin. Nicely lifted with rosemary as garnish, and dried cranberries.

By Grumpy

Added on the : 15/02/2018 English

Absolutely wonderful terrific taste and flavor. I find it to be fabulous straight up as a shot too.

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