Gin Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin Cardboard Box - 50cl

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We imagine that not many fictional monkeys are as famous as the one gracing the label of this gin bottle.

MONKEY 47 BLACK FOREST DRY GIN is distilled in deep within the black forest of Germany using a total of 47 botanicals. Apart from juniper you can find almond, jasmine, ginger, cloves, cardamom, rose hips, lemon grass, spruce tips and elder flower. All botanicals are put in stone ware casks and are macerated in a high quality alcohol base for 36 hours. After the distillation process, the spirit is stored in those stone ware casks again for about three months before it is diluted to 47% abv. with pure Black Forest spring water.

MONKEY 47 BLACK FOREST DRY GIN was released in 2010 and quickly became extremely popular among Gin & Tonic fans, bartenders and cocktail experts. Today, this gin is one of the most renowned and most sold brands in the world.

Enjoy MONKEY 47 BLACK FOREST DRY GIN in a Gin & Tonic adding a slice of cucumber or a grapefruit zest as garnish.
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    1,1 kg
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    47% vol
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    Black Forest Distillers GmbH, Oberwiesachstr. 3, D-72290 Loßburg-Betzweiler, DE
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