Gin OMFG 2016 Vintage - Oh My Finest Gin - 50cl

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OMFG is a strictly limited special edition. Each year is unique because of a special ingredient used.   Read the whole description

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    Czech Republic
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“Oh my f*** god” what you might exclaim, in sheer delight, after trying this gin. OMFG has a rather less profane meaning however: “Oh My Finest Gin”, a very fitting name for this excellent gin.

OMFG is produced the same way as the classic, highly praised OMG from Martin Zufanek. He uses the same recipe and the same 16 botanicals – among them are juniper, coriander and grains of paradise. Although there is one difference, a special ingredient, making each batch unique. In the current edition of 2016, Martin added Ginkgo biloba leaves to the recipe. Ginkgo trees can reach ages of more than a thousand years, and their fan-shaped leaves are often used for traditional medicine.

The Ginkgo leaves add a woody, spicy aroma and a long lasting, herbaceous taste to the otherwise smooth gin.

This unique botanical is only used once, in one special edition and won't be repeated in another batch. The last two editions have been refined by some other, unusual herbs. In the first edition of 2014, Martin used Mexican damiana, a shrub known as aphrodisiac in Mexico. The 2nd edition in 2015 contained Hougari frankincense from Oman, one of the most expensive and finest sorts of incense.

OMFG is the first spirit that Martin Zufanek has produced using his new Arnold Holstein stills (two new beauties that he is very proud of indeed).

All the batches of the last years have sold out within a couple of hours...

As soon as this batch is sold out, the next one will first be available in 2017, and contain a different special botanical.

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