Gin OMFG 2018 Vintage - Oh My Finest Gin - 50cl

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Every year, gin lovers are waiting for this: the new edition of OMFG (Oh My Finest Gin) made by Martin Zufanek.

OMFG Gin is based on the same recipe of OMG, although there is one difference, a special ingredient. In the current edition of 2018, Martin added Bourbon pepper from Madagascar to the recipe, that is also known as voatsiperifery. Bourbon pepper is a very rare spice that grows only in the rain forests in the southwest of Madagascar. The average annual harvest is only 1500kg. Martin used 1% of this harvest for the production of his OMFG 2018.

The pepper gives the gin an aroma of citrus fruits and wild flowers.

OMFG Gin is a true collectors item – as soon as the bottles of this batch are sold out, there will only be a new edition in 2019, with a new botanical (Martin is keeping his lips sealed as to what that will be).

The last editions of OMFG have been refined with catnip (2017), Ginkgo biloba leaves (2016), Hougari frankincense from Oman (2015) and Mexican damiana (2014).
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  • Color
  • Capacity
  • Distillery
  • Country of Origin
    Czech Republic
  • Alcohol Content
    45% vol

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  • Shipping Weight :
    950,00 g
  • Color :
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
    Czech Republic
  • Alcohol Content :
    45% vol
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Zufanek, Boršice u Blatnice 57, 687 63 Boršice u Blatnice, CZ
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Borsice u Blatnice
  • Stopper :
    Steel screw cap

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