Gin The Illusionist Dry Gin Bio - DE-OEKO-060 - 50cl

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This gin is blue. How‘s that even possible? The makers of ILLUSIONIST Gin use a flower called „clitoria ternatea“, or blue pea, and grows best in the Far East. The flowers that end up coloring this gin are imported from Thailand. This flower is almost magic – it doesn‘t just give the ILLUSIONIST Gin its unique blue color – when adding Tonic Water, the mix changes its color to pink!

The ILLUSIONIST is a biolabel-gin and is produced in Munich. Among the rare blue pea, you will find lavender, cranberries, lemongrass, citrus peel, camomile, ginger, licorice and angelica among the list of 16 botanicals. The ILLUSIONIST Gin tastes floral and citrus-y. Enjoy neat, over ice or in a Gin and Tonic for the pink effect!
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    45% vol
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    Muggenthaler und Steglich GbR, Westermühlstrasse 21, 80469 München, DE
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