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Gin Kilsbergen - 70cl

Sweden / 42%
(3 Reviews)

A handcrafted London Dry Gin from Sweden, produced by the Svensk Absint distille...

The Svensk Absint distillery is already known for 2 popular absinthes: Grön Opal and Vit Opal. Now Mikael and Tomas produced their ...

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A strong, aromatic and complex organic gin from Finland.

The organic Kalevala Navy Strength Gin is produced in North-Karelia in Finland. The name Kalevala comes from The Kalevala, an epic poem of Finland. At 50.9% alcohol, Kalevala Navy Strength gin is stronger in contrast to the normal

 $64/Liter  $32
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Gin Yuni Gin - 50cl

Germany / 44%
(2 Reviews)

A ginger gin for all lovers of mule, and other drinks with gin and ginger beer.

Yuni Forest Ginger’s Gin is made with three types of ginger and a special ingredient: the yuzu lemon from Japan. Distilled in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, this gin is unlike any of the ones you have tasted so far. Traditional, artisan small batch distillat ...

 $84/Liter  $42
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Original Dry Gin - Der Thewes Gin - 50cl

Czech Republic / 45%
(1 Review)

DER THEWES has a fruity and floral aroma and a nice and well-balanced herbal tas...

DER THEWES has a fruity and floral aroma and a nice and well-balanced herbal taste. Exactly 20 botanicals are used to distil this unique gin - the most dominant ones are dried pears, salvia, cocoa beans, almonds, wormwood, orange and lemon peel, juniper and ...

 $81/Liter  $40.50
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“The fine lady from the Black Forest” – a unique floral, citrussy Dry Gin from G...

Iris Krader had always dreamt of making her own gin. Having made her name with quality eau-de-vie - with fruit from her own orchards, no less - and having recently upgraded her still to a beautiful shining new 150 litre Arnold Holstein copper s ...

 $93/Liter  $46.50
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Mundart Gin – a fruity and complex Dry Gin from southern Germany, made with 17 b...

In German, “Mundart” is the name for a regional dialect. Mundart Gin is a unique ‘dialect’ of gin, fruity and complex in the mouth – much like the local accent where this gin is made! Mundart Dry Gin

 $81/Liter  $40.50
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Gin Koval Dry Gin - 50cl

USA / 47%
(1 Review)

A dry, floral gin from the Koval distillery in Chicago.

Koval Dry Gin is produced by the distillery of the same name in the US, more precisely in Chicago. The KOVAL distillery was founded by Robert and Sonat Birnecker in 2008. Since then, the couple produces top quality spirits that are also certified kosher.

 $84/Liter  $42
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Organic gin Kalevala - FI-EKO-301 - 10cl

Finland / 46.3%
(11 Reviews)

A very mellow organic gin from Finland.

Kalevala gin is made in midst of the Finish nature, in North-Karelia. Its name comes from the 19th century epic poem “The Kalevala”. Juniper plays the main role in this organic, micro-gin. It is complemented by notes of mint, organic raspberry leaf, r ...

 $95/Liter  $9.50
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