Green Absinthe

Absinthe - the green fairy La Fée Verte. We all associate Absinthe to the colour green, and that is because most of the absinthes during the Belle Époque actually were green. It is during the maceration process of the herbs (mostly wormwood, hyssop and melissa) where the green colour occurs, as well as the very herbal taste.

Green absinthe is also referred to as verte absinthe - verte meaning green in French. Green absinthes have an typical alcohol content of 65 to 75%, to keep the natural green colour from chlorophyll stable.
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  • Distillery : DuVallon
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Absinthe La Veuve Verte - 50cl

Switzerland / 69%
(24 Reviews)

This absinthe is issued from a family tradition and produced in very small quant...

La Veuve Verte absinthe is issued from a true family tradition. It is produced in very small quantities and represents without a doubt one of the best "vertes". Its home-made production comprises only products 100% natural. More ...

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Absinthe Nocif Verte - 50cl

Switzerland / 65%

A green absinthe coming from the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland.

A green absinthe coming from the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland. Quite different from other Vertes made in the birthplace of absinthe. Distiller DuVallon is widely renowned for his expertise, his meticulousness, and for both his green and clear absinthes - all extremely good - ...

 $124/Liter  $62
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