Green Velvet & Dock 11

Green Velvet and the Dock11 series of absinthe have their origins in the birthplace of the green fairy. A misty Swiss valley called the Val-de-Travers, where just a handful of former bootleggers now openly distil absinthe. And these are the makers of Green Velvet and the Dock11 series.

Green Velvet val. 275 La Bleue and Green Velvet val. 340 Verte combine the highest quality Swiss absinthe with luxurious packaging. These bottles are at home on the shelf of a 5 star hotel bar.

The Dock11 series is a well-curated selection of the finest of the Val-de-Travers absinthe, both classic Swiss absinthe and new innovations. All of the absinthe bottles in the series feature original, beautiful artwork, demonstrating excellent taste. The series includes Wolfsmilch and Zeitgeist, which were created in collaboration with the late H.R. Giger, Swiss artist and designer of the petrifying creature featured in Ridley Scott's space horror film 'Alien'.
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Green Velvet - Absinthe Originale is an Ultra-Premium-Absinthe made at the Val-d...

Green Velvet VAL. 275 – La Bleue is as clear as the pure spring water from which it is made. The hand-picked herbs from the region lend it the original smooth absinthe taste with a subtle hint of liquorice. This combination is ideal for the world ...

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