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A wonderfully evocative and aromatic recreation of kummel liqueur, a digestif fa...

Combier Doppelt Kummel Extra, double cumin extra, is a recreation of a traditional liqueur, using the distillery's original 19th century recipe. Using the finest botanicals, spirit and pure sugar, the result is an excitingly aromatic liqueur. Combie ...

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Perique Tobacco Liqueur - 50cl

France / 31%
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Distilled by Ted Breaux, this tobacco liqueur makes a very fine drink.

Perique Liqueur de Tabac is distilled by Ted Breaux at Combier in France. Made from Louisiana Perique (the rarest and most precious tobacco in the world), only very small amount of this liqueur exists today. The unique region around the Miss ...

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The Kontusovka Herbal Liqueur by Martin Zufanek according to a recipe from 1901.

Worn by Polish nobility from the 16th century onwards, the Kontusz was an elaborate and elegant winter garment, a sort of decorative robe. At some point in the following centuries, perhaps due to its noble associations, the Kontusz's name was lent to a lique ...

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Liqueur Orechovka - Walnut Liqueur - 50cl

Czech Republic / 35%
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A delicious liqueur of walnut and spices made by the Zufanek Distillery accordin...

The great-great-grandmother of Martin Zufanek, current owner of the Zufanek distillery, already knew how to enjoy a delicious walnut liqueur. That's why she created this recipe, that has been transmitted in the Zufanek family from generatio ...

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A liqueur made of wormwood and green anise.

Liqueur d'Absinthe de Pontarlier is made with wormwood and green anise. To drink pure, fresh or at a room temperature. An original creation !

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The Gentiana is an enzian liqueur with a wine alcohol basis.

This aperitif is a French specialty of the Jura region and is produced by the Michel distillery in Chapelle-des-Bois. The Gentiana is obtained from the distillation of the gentian root, blended with wine and other ingredients. The result is an aperitif wi ...

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A refined fir liqueur.

A refined fir liqueur. The Sapin liqueur is an Art, it follows a very strict protocol in 2 complex steps: 1. A meticulous distillation of rigorously selected plants. 2. A fir buds and sugar ma ...

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A unique and innovative liqueur, combining two very traditional liqueurs: Sapin...

Francois Guy, the producer of Sapont, combines tradition and the modern age with this unique liqueur – his ancestors would be honoured. A cocktail with the same name, made from sapin liqueur and Pontarlier Anis, inspired Francois Guy to produce the

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A combination of Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe and the finest chocolate infus...

Inspired by a hand-written recipe for Creme de Cacao in the Distillery's recipe book dating back to the 1920's, La Maison Fontaine Chocolat has been masterfully refined using a combination of Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe and the finest chocolate infusion. Sweet richne ...

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Chartreuse Elixir Végétal - 10cl

France / 69%
(25 Reviews)

A legendary herbal liqueur, that was used as a medicinal elixir in the past. Tod...

The promising title of this recipe manuscript, from which the monk and pharmacist Jérôme Maubec developed the élixir végétal in 1737, bears the following words: “Elixir for long life”. The drink wou ...

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A really special Chartreuse, in between a Green and a Yellow Chartreuse.

Holy Bruno founded the Carthusian order in 1084, and so the monks of the grand charter-house decided to carefully develop and produce the Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire Edition in order to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the order.

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Chartreuse 1605 - 70cl

France / 56%
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The Chartreuse 1605 was developed in order to celebrate the 400th anniversary of...

In 1605, martial Francois Hannibal d'Estrées gave the recipe for a so-called “elixir for long life” to a Carthusian monk. This was the beginning of the long history of Chartreuse liquor. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of this important ...

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Chartreuse Jaune - 70cl

France / 40%
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A yellow Chartreuse liqueur that was developed in 1838.

Chartreuse Jaune (yellow Chartreuse) was developed in 1838 as a more herbal variation of Chartreuse Verte, which is itself a more mild Élixir végétal variant. The details regarding the original recipe of this liquor, which was commonly c ...

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Chartreuse M.O.F. - 70cl - 70cl

France / 45%
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A Chartreuse liqueur with an intense bouquet and an aroma with notes of gentian,...

This liquor was developed by the great charter-house monks as a Cuvée from their aged collection in close collaboration with nine prize-winning French sommeliers: David Biraud, Arnaud Chambost, Laurant Derhe, Eric Duret, John Euvrard, Christian Péchoutre, Fabrice Sommier, ...

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Chartreuse Verte - 70cl

France / 55%
(15 Reviews)

Chartreuse Verte was created in 1764 as a lighter alternative to élixir végétal....

Chartreuse Verte was created in 1764 as a lighter alternative to élixir végétal. The details regarding the original recipes' 130 ingredients have remained a well-kept secret. It is however known that sesame seeds are extracted to produce ...

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